Hadera: Parking at Bus Stops on Shabbos – Stores to Remain Closed


haderaHadera Mayor Tzvika Gendelman has approved a request from the chairman of the Shas party in the city council, Boaz Biton, which will permit vehicles to park at bus stops in the city on Shabbos. The bill was submitted over a year ago in February 2014 and will go into effect in January 2016.

A motorist will be permitted to park at bus stops during the hours the city’s buses are not operating. This will provide a great deal of additional legal parking spaces for visitors to the city on Shabbos.

Just last week the mayor’s effort to permit stores to open on Shabbos was defeated in the city council as the nine chareidi and dati leumi councilmen voted against it and nine others including the mayor voted in favor.

Hadera is located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastal plain, 45 km (28 miles) north of Tel Aviv.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)