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Mora D’asra of Kfar Chabad Hires a PR Firm for his Tznius Campaign

tzniThe mora d’asra of Kfar Chabad, Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi Shlita, has hired a public relations firm to assist him in spreading his tznius campaign among residents.

The rav, who succeeded his father ZT”L a number of months ago as rav of the Chabad community, is working hard to succeed in an area in which his father was not totally successful. A ‘letter from the rav’ was sent to all residents of the community spelling out modesty regulations for all.

The rav explains as we are in the shadow of Rosh Hashanah and the beginning of a new school year, it is important for all to familiarize themselves with the community’s regulations in addition to each and every person’s personal responsibility to adhere to these halachos.

While in recent weeks and months the rav’s efforts directed at the women of the community were evident to all, the letter appears to the children too. The pamphlet explains one’s skirt must cover one’s knees while one is seated, one must wear socks that cover the knee, one’s neck and elbows are to be covered properly, one’s general appearance should express humbleness and humility, married woman must wear a sheitel outdoors in the community and one may not make do with a scarf when walking in the street or while driving a vehicle.

“I am asking each and every person to make sure their daughters dress in accordance with these rules” writes the rav, who asks to not just make concern oneself with modesty but also with the internet, adding “Care must be taken to prevent access to websites that are inappropriate. These sites R”L have toppled many”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Kudos to the Rav & Huge Yashar Koach for doing that. I really hope he will succeed and other rabbis will follow his example.

  2. “and one may not make do with a scarf when walking in the street…”

    Why? Why davka a sheitel? What is wrong with a tichel?

  3. He a long way off. He needs to start with the mishugas on tznius in Crown Heights. Put poster up their fist and see if his campaign will work

  4. #3: I think the Lubavitcher Rebbe held a sheitel ( a modest one) is better because with a scarf its easy for hair to inadvertently stick out

  5. Yes, in an ALL religious community, one must wage a campaign to attempt to attain even the most minimal of requirements of tsniut in the community! Wage, a CAMPAIGN. Sad but very true.

    Why a sheital all the time, because the place is Chabad, and their previous Rebbe ZL said his hasidot should wear a sheital.
    There is pressure on a woman never to step out of the house dressed as more tsanu women from other communities would with a snood or tichel. For example, in a Chabad setting, a gal will get more flak for her appearance in a snood on a blue moon when she has to run the kids to the bus top, than she will if she day in day out flaunts herself in a skirt that does not cover her knees standing, and with a sheital that is very wild and long. Because you are Chabad, you are supposed to toe the line, and yes what the previous Rebbe ZL said, carries more wait than HAZAL and the Shulkhan Arukh!!!!

    The community is plagued with what a friend of mine calls “chabad models”, and I totally see what he is talking about. Sheitals of a kind no Rav in history ever came to matir. Tight cloths with the neckline showing there is not much of a struggle in the head that sits above, and enough make-up on a stam Tuesday at 2pm to paint a battleship, enough to make a prostitute jealous.

    Oh yes, I am the bad guy for besmirching holy Jewish women now!!! lol
    See no evil hear no evil, Tate! No evil! viola! magic!

  6. The Raw is right .Just look around The scarf wearing people of course he does not mean The chassidishe scarf s .It better to wear a Scheitel for sure

  7. In a newspaper, there wouldn’t be room for the article to include the entire leaflet. But this is a website, so why isn’t there a link to a scan or the full text?

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