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Police Discover an Illegal Tunnel Next to Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem

2Jerusalem police received a report on Monday, 16 Elul from a resident of the eastern capital who claimed there is ongoing digging at his neighbor’s home.

Police were sent to investigate and to their surprise, they discovered a 30 meter deep hole in the yard of the neighbor.

According to the preliminary findings at the scene, an elderly woman who lives on Nur el-Din Street near the Rockefeller Museum explained that a number of months ago, she was approached by a number of people who explained they work for the city’s Hagihon Water Company. They explained the need to dig in her yard to address a water leak. They arrived with their equipment daily.

Police and Israel Antiquities Authority officials’ are now continuing a joint investigation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: Police spokesman’s unit)

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