Trying to Avoid Racial Tensions And Confrontations in Akko on Yom Kippur


Tensions are running high in Akko as Yom Kippur approaches, which this year coincides with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, known as the Feast of the Sacrifice.

On Yom Kippur 2008 there was violence between Jews and Muslims in the city on Yom Kippur. An Arab resident entered a primarily Jewish area and the situation quickly deteriorated into a violent one amid a rumor the Arab driver was killed. Hundreds of people joined the violence and about 100 vehicles were damaged along with thirty stores. A number of people were lightly injured in the violence.

With the holidays coinciding, Akko Chief Rabbi Yosef Yashar met on Sunday, 7 Tishrei with Sheikh Assei Samir, the imam of the Aljazeer Mosque in Akko in the rav’s office. Following the meeting they met with Jewish and Arab students in the city in the hope of spreading the word of peace and towards ensuring that both holidays pass without violence in the city.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)