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Trump Boycotts Fox News Over Campaign Coverage

trumpDonald Trump says he’s done appearing on Fox News shows for the “foreseeable future” because he doesn’t like the network’s coverage of his presidential campaign.

The billionaire businessman and leading Republican candidate tweets that Fox News has been treating him “very unfairly” and that he’s going to stop appearing on its shows.

But a Fox News spokeswoman says that Trump only announced his boycott after the channel canceled a scheduled Trump appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday.

She says in a statement that when coverage doesn’t go Trump’s way, he engages in personal attacks on Fox anchors and hosts.

She says the behavior has “grown stale and tiresome.”

Trump has been feuding with the network since the first GOP primary debate, when he objected to the moderators’ questions.


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  1. The Movement Conservatives who run Fox News and the other Murdoch Media outlets realize that Trump would be a disaster in a general election and result in the certain election of Sanders or Clinton.

  2. If this arrogant pompous hot air balloon is that sensitive, he shouldn’t be running for President of the US. He is just as bad as the fat pervert, Jerry Nadler. Poor baby.

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