Maran Hagon HaRav Kanievsky And Admorim: Stay Away from Jerusalem’s Old City


kosHaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita during the night of Hoshana Raba explained we cannot know HKBH’s cheshbonos and we can only daven the victims will be a kapora for Klal Yisrael.

Persons close to the rav gave him the name of Mrs. Adele bas Miriam Benito, the widow of R’ Aaron, who was murdered in the motzei Shabbos attack. She is recuperating from her moderate-to-serious injuries sustained in the attack in a Jerusalem hospital. Rav Chaim gave her a bracha for a complete recovery.

The Gadol HaDor is quoted adding “One may visit Yerushalayim during Yomtov but one must not come near to the Old City until the situation calms down”.

Rav Kanievsky’s words have been echoed by a number of admorim including the Gerrer Rebbe Shlita and the Boyaner Rebbe Shlita. The Boyaner Rebbe was visibly pained to the core as he was maspid the victims to his chassidim, explaining they were killed ‘Al Kiddush Hashem’ as they made their way to the Kosel.

The same instructions to chassidim were heard from the Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita, instructing them to distance themselves from the Old City in the coming days until the security situation calms down. Sources in the chassidus explain the rebbe has canceled his traditional motzei yomtov visit to the Kosel due to the situation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So the situation for chareidim under the zionists is worse than under Christian (i.e. British) or Muslim (Turkish) rule – all of which allowed Jews to safely live in and access the Old City and the Kossel.

  2. J know this is not going to be published but I have to make this “macho-oh”. When Jews are killed, you do not crawl away, You make it doubly clear that Jerushalaim and Eretz Ysroel belong to us. If you cede the Kosel, soon you will cede Bnay Braq. And, who will make sure that the is calm in Jerushalaim? Yes, those despised Israeli soldiers.

  3. If it is safe to visit the old city and the Kotel is a security issue and cannot be made without consultation of authorities. Rabbis are not oracles except to lemmings.

  4. Everything above may be true but the Gedolim have a responsibility for Jewish LIVES, they’re not here to ensure that we “show the Pally’s” who’s boss. G-D will do that at the right time.

  5. akuperma:
    Take your neturei karta rubbish and put it where the sun don’t shine. you are just a hater. did you celebrate the raising of the plo flag at the UN with all the rest of your NK friends ?

  6. Berliner

    Better yet,

    If we cede gush katif soon you will cede the har habayis and who will make sure that is done those despised Israeli soldiers

  7. #1
    Are u aware of Jewish conditions in Yerushalayim under the British or Muslims? Are u a student of factual history? You are totally misinformed!!!

  8. Seems like there is a מחלוקות between ר׳ חיים קניבסקי שליט״א (the undisputed leader of our generation) and the rabbiofberlin!

  9. Dryidd
    You are not correct for several reasons.
    Mostly you don’t understand the concept of das Torah.
    But , you also don’t understand history. For over a hundred years the Arabs have responded sharply to any “encroachment ” of har habayis. The perceived encroachment of certain individuals in 1929 resulted in the chevron massacre . Which is why das Torah has advocated the same position for hundreds of years. Stay off and don’t instigate. Because going on har habayis is not worth even one Jewish life. Unfortunately Zionists insist they “have rights” to go. And those rights have caused Jewish deaths
    Which is why das Torah is correct and it’s why these Zionist who are supposedly fighting for their rights and fighting “lshem shamyim “, are in reality rodfim and will have to answer for the Jewish blood that is shed

  10. #1
    Do you think that if the British or Turkish had maintained control you would’ve seen this many yiddin living in eretz yisroel or this many Torah institutions???
    You don’t have to agree with tzionut but you could at least be makir tov for the struggles made to keep our land, even if they have clearly opposed us in other major ways.

  11. # 2 – I’m gathering from your alias that you’re not living here in Israel. If so, don’t you think that it’s kind of a conflict of interest (btw – one’s kids living in Israel is not good enough). Speak to your wife and start making flight arrangements. Seriously.

    As far as your opinion, I think in cases of medical issues (Pekuach Nefesh) people are more interesting in following Reb Chaim, shlita rather than following you. Why should this be any different?