Jordan Threatens to Recall its Ambassador to Israel


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abdIn a move clearly aimed at stepping up political pressure against Israel, Jordanian officials have announced Amman may recall its ambassador to Israel, blaming Israeli attacks against al-Aqsa.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II recently warned Israel of a fracture in diplomatic relations between the countries despite assurances from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who pointed out Israel is protecting the status quo on Har Habayis while Arabs are launching unprovoked attacks.

Abdullah apparently prefers to ignore the prime minister’s remarks, opting to release statements based on PA (Palestinian Authority) rhetoric and propaganda.

Jordanian officials explain they continue to monitor the situation and Amman’s actions will be based on “developments on the ground” in Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Hey there Mr. Abdullah fella, if you adore the Palestinians so much why was there a Black September in 1970 during your daddy’s reign??
    Cuz even he knew dem Palestinians ain’t no good!And if you don’t agree, then open your borders and invite them all in!
    You know good and well your empty rhetoric is just empty talk aimed at holding onto your throne which is in peril – both at the hands of the Palestinians as well as ISIS.

  2. They attack us and then they condemn us. We, in addition to allowing them to attack us and sitting silently as they condemn us, have our own “leaders” who sit silently as we are attacked and then go on to condemn us for provoking them. What can one say? Let us hope we are blessed this year with real leaders.

  3. Edrogan mark #2 r”l. He appears to be following the Turkish rulebook “when you want to garner support, pick a fight with Israel”.

    There is no Arab nation we can trust. Egypt, Turkey, Jordan etc. Any friends in the Middle East have proven to dump us without notice when it suits them.

    We are a nation that dwells alone.