Former N.Y. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Found Guilty On All Charges In Corruption Trial


silvFormer New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, formerly one of New York’s most powerful politicians, was convicted Monday of charges that he traded favors to earn $5 million illegally and then lied about it.

The Manhattan federal court jury returned the verdict after a three-week trial in which prosecutors claimed that the 71-year-old Democrat repeatedly promised the favors to enrich himself. The defense countered that the government was trying to criminalize the longtime routines of politics in Albany.

Deliberations began with fireworks when a juror tried to beg off the panel less than two hours after talks started, accusing her fellow jurors of claiming she failed to use her common sense. But with instructions from Judge Valerie Caproni to respectfully exchange views, jurors settled down and resumed work.

The government had argued that the trial testimony of 25 witnesses and lots of documents proved Silver traded his office for riches.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Goldstein told jurors they had to convict Silver if they found money played a role in his decisions.

“There are four million reasons why you know that money played a part,” he said, noting the amount of money the government says Silver earned from kickbacks from a cancer researcher and real estate developers. Prosecutors say he earned a million dollars more through investments.

Goldstein told jurors to reject the defense contention that Silver was just practicing politics as usual. “This was bribery. This was extortion. This was corruption,” Goldstein said.

Defense attorney Steven Molo countered that his client fought bribery and extortion charges because he knew he was not guilty.

“He knows he did not commit a crime,” Molo said. “There was no quid quo pro. He did not sell his office.”



  1. this man IS the reason why toieva marriage is legal in NYS and not only did he bring it to a vote he voted for it. he is also the reason why yeshiva tuitions are through the roof.

  2. Yes he brought to a vote but he wasn’t there during vote Chk your facts
    He was convicted because his head was bigger then his stomach
    And thought he could do anything he wanted to

  3. all commenting here should be very careful cus even if he’s found guilty by a goyish court; us as yidden are still not given permission to talk lashon horah or be motsi shem ra….

  4. no person can be dishonest & corrupt with still being successful.

    a person who is dishonest & corrupt etc… is bringing upon himself the curse of destruction. as shlomo Hamelech wrote in Mishlei

    remove YOURSELF today ASAP from any acts of dishonesty & save yourself before its too late.

    ex. don’t borrow your neighbors Costco card or gym card etc… that is only paid for his/her family & childen. anyone else using it is pure stealing

  5. To say he is a shtick chilul hashem is not loshon hora. Even more, his rotten arrogant behavior puts us honest hard working shomer Shabbos yidden in a very bad light.

  6. “his rotten arrogant behavior puts us honest hard working shomer Shabbos yidden in a very bad light.”

    True, but are there any frum organizations who ever turned down the money he got them? We are all part of the problem.

  7. M Agent, #8,

    There are many dishonest and corrupt individuals who are successful and ‘get away with it.’ We believe in s’char ve’onesh, and know that they will be punished. We do not always see this clearly in the murkiness of our sight in olam ha’zeh.
    And our fear of retribution should (ideally) not be the main incentive for being honest.