Tzohar Rabbis Respond to Video Showing Participants At Wedding Dancing with Joy Over the Duma Arson Attack



Rabbanei Tzohar issued the following statement following the broadcast of the wedding clip on Israel’s Channel 10.

The deeply disturbing video clip should be viewed as a source of disgust and embarrassment for all of Israeli society. We call on all rabbis, political leaders and educators and all those who claim to represent these extremist evildoers to condemn their actions and positions in all ways possible and work to expel them from our midst.

Our responsibility must be to defend and support our security forces who work tirelessly every day and night to defend us from those enemies who are committed to our national and personal destruction.

It is with the utmost pain that we view the phenomenon of encouraging violence against innocents. Such behavior is against the spirit of the Torah and against the most basic values which we hold dear.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Maybe it is a message to show us that crazy people are everywhere and we should not judge people by how we want them to be. Not everyone who simply learns Torah acts like an ideal Jew. Some people need to redefine their definition of what behaviors are “good” and “bad.”

  2. Extremists from Every side are positioned to put a country into anarchy.
    What a churban & horrific show & a CHILUL HASHEM to all Jews! At least in the DL KEHILLAs, you will hear loud voices of protests & anger towards this behavior.

  3. Note that the same people who complain about Shomer Shabbos Jews being too patriotic and too anxious to kill Yismaelim, also complain about other (and frumer, for the most part) Jews who show now loyalty to the medinah and refuse to kill Arabs.

    So maybe we should ask if what they object isn’t the policy on killing annoying goyim (or not), but something else (e.g. levels of Yiddishkeit), since the complainers tend be the less “machpid” among us.