RCA Condemns Video Showing Participants At Wedding Dancing with Joy Over the Duma Arson Attack


dumThe Rabbinical Council of America expresses its outrage over the dancing, singing and celebration of the murder of Ali Dawabshe in the Duma arson and condemns the actions of these radical youth in the harshest terms. Rabbi Shalom Baum, president of the RCA, stated, “The vigilante and lawless calls for revenge and dancing with machine guns and knives are anathema to Jewish morality and religious standards.”

The RCA applauds the quick and decisive statements of Israeli religious and political leaders of the event. It echoes Chief Rabbi David Lau’s statement that “acts like these are not the way of Judaism. This is a rejection and repudiation of the values of the Jewish people, the Torah and the uniqueness of the Jewish people. ” It applauds the unequivocal statement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said that the “shocking pictures [of the celebration]” show “the real face of a group that poses danger to Israeli society and security.”

Rabbi Elazar Muskin, first vice president of the RCA, said, “While extremely concerned about the issues of safety and security of innocent Israeli citizens, the RCA reaffirms that glorifying violence in any way is against the Torah’s ways of pleasantness.”

The RCA calls upon the Israeli government to take whatever measures necessary to protect the safety of all of its innocent citizens, and calls upon Israeli religious and educational leaders to nurture values in Israeli society that hold these despicable acts to be unacceptable and intolerable.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Better late than never for the RCA. A number of chashuve rabbonim from Tzohar, shlita, were among the first to condemn this disgusting display at the wedding…..the babies of today’s chassan/kalah will be fortunate to avoid the same fate as the innocent child who died in the arson attack.

  2. No way could this be done by Jews!!! The last part where there is someone who’s face was covered is NOT something that is done by Hasidim or anyone unless they are sick. This speaks to me of Pallywood!!!! Especially coming from Haaretz!

  3. Note that the same people who complain about Shomer Shabbos Jews being too patriotic and too anxious to kill Yismaelim, also complain about other (Hareidi) Jews who show no loyalty to the medinah and refuse to kill Arabs. One would think that those who condemn religious Jews for excessive patriotism and hated of the enemy, would be praising the Eidis Hareidis for its rejection of nationalsim and lack of desire to kill goyim. But the same people, such as RCA, the Tzohar rabbis, and many others (looking as the commentators denouncing draft refusal), seem to object to both.

    So maybe we should ask if what they object to isn’t the policy on killing annoying goyim (or not), but something else, such as the fact that those they condemn are significantly more serious about Yiddishkeit than those doing the complaining. It isn’t the policy on killing goyim they object to, but their policy on doing mitsvos.

  4. Akuperma u make no sense at all. Like zero. If condemn one bad thing now I have to support another bad thing because it’s somewhat similar to the opposite position?

  5. Sorry. I’m not condoning the dances, but when arabs celebrate terrorist attacks and give out candy, does the whole country go up in arm? Does Netanyahu order “an immediate investigation?” NO. So stop whining now.

    Better whine about the laziness of the Israeli government to come up with a solution about terrorism.

  6. Is this the biggest issue facing RCA? They should clean up house and provide and support moral Orthodox rabbonim and when that is accomplished, then criticize Israelis.