Update on Duma Investigation and Arrests


dumaOn Wednesday morning, 18 Teves, the prosecution will announce his primary case against two of the suspects in the ongoing Duma arson investigation. A third suspect, who was also arrested about a month ago, was released to a 10-day house arrest over police objections as the court felt the prosecution lacks sufficient evidence to tie him to the Duma case.

In addition, following the ‘hate wedding’, the Ashbel couple, arrested and now being questioned by both Shai Police and the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet), face charges of mishandling a weapon and related charges. Four suspects face charges of incitement as well.

Among those in custody is an IDF soldier whose weapon was passed around to the guests, who danced with it, as the chosson himself is seen in the video with an automatic weapon in his hands. Police announce all of those who are documented in photos and video dancing with guns and the photo with a knife through it of the Arab boy Ali will be questioned.

Petach Tikvah resident Daniel Finer, who was documented with a gun in his hands, told interrogators the weapon was a toy. His attorney, Itamar Ben-Givir arranged an urgent hearing to obtain his release based on the fact the weapon was not real but Justice Joya Sakfa Shapira denied the request and ordered him to remain in jail until Thursday as the investigation continues.

The court did however reject a petition regarding another minor who was arrested from the wedding. He is represented by Honenu attorney Rivka Schwartz.

“We have yet to hear of see the police arrest anyone from the Arab sector for partying with weapons, which they at times fire” Ben-Givir told the court, adding the act of waving the photo with the knife of Ali was “foolish” but now, the ISA is trying to use that photo to gain maximum points against the suspects.

Responding to the report, the ISA explains it is cracking down on organized Jewish terror, and those behind the heinous attack which was perpetrated for ideological extremist reasons…”

Following this report, a number of other suspects arrested for their actions at the ‘hate chasenah’ have been ordered release.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Only this moronic sick minded cruel pathetic cowardly country would launch an investigation into a case so useless and irrelevant. Why is this any different than when Muslims hand out candies to celebrate the death of Israeli civilians? Oh I know because the UNtold Israel to launch an investigation. Ok daddy whatever you say. Oh I should torture my own citizens? Ok. I don’t even think the UN them selfs would do what the Israelis are doing to these people. That all being said the people who ACTUALLY WERE involved should be bought to justice. Wereinvolved means there’s actual evidence though.

  2. Anybody who sanctions terrorists just because they’re Jewish is evil! If the evidence shows that these kids did it, and were being cheered for it by people at the wedding, they should all face the full extent of the law! We are supposed to be guided by Torah, not by runaway feelings of revenge!

  3. Yea but you don’t tortute someone for just being a suspect. Nor do you prosecute someone for celebrating even if it’s wrong. It’s not illegal. Israel is a supposed democracy ( yea right). Of course it’s disgusting and wrong to celebrate the death of the innocent but it’s not illegal