Israel Police Arrests Chosson And Three Friends Celebrating Duma Arson Attack At ‘Hate Wedding’


dumIsraeli police say they have arrested four suspects who appeared in a video of a wedding at which Hilltp Youths can be seen dancing while waving automatic weapons and pistols which were also given to children to dance, and with a photo of Ali, the Arab child killed in the Duma arson attack with a knife through the photo.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri says the Chosson, named as Yakir Ashbel and three wedding guests were arrested Tuesday. Samri says they are suspected of incitement and unlawful weapon possession.

The video, aired by Channel 10 last week, shows a rowdy crowd of Yarmulka-wearing youths brandishing rifles and dancing to music with lyrics calling for revenge. Some appear to be stabbing photos of Ali Dawabshe, who died when

The Chosson told Channel 10 he did not see his guests defiling photographs of Dawabsheh.

“I didn’t even see it. At my wedding I was in the clouds, not on the ground at all,” Ashbel told Channel 10 television last week. He called the footage “shocking,” but insisted that “there were about 600 people at my wedding, and this wasn’t something I agreed to. There were a million people. I don’t control what happens at my wedding. I’m just the groom; I didn’t even pay for the photographer or the singer.”


  1. RE: “Israel Police Arrests Chosson And Three Friends Celebrating Duma Arson Attack At ‘Hate Wedding’”

    Why YWN is spreading Loshon Hora and Blood Libel? The wedding was not a “Hate Wedding” but a Kosher Jewish Wedding. The only people who celebrated “Duma Arson” were Shabak wedding crushers provocateurs.
    Shame on you, YWN. Irresponsible headlines like these only contribute to Antisemitism world-wide.

  2. Agree to #2 TAKE DOWN THE INCENDIARY HEADLINE!!!! you’re feeding straight into Jews haters tongues. Jew haters dont care if you’re chareidi and disagree with that hashkafa, for them all Jews are implicated.

  3. and then they say it’s a fare democratic state – Do they arrest Arabs for celebrating???

    And of course the real evil ones with blood on their hands are the media who leaked it so the whole world should see…

  4. Very interesting how the liberal and left wing haaretz newspaper and channel 10 all JUST HAPPENED to obtain footage of an orthodox wedding. How did they get that film? Who was there from THEIR GANG to record the wedding clip? There were, I’m sure, lots of other orthodox weddings that night. Where are video clips from those weddings? Amazing how the leftist liberals, being funded by the anti- Semitic European Union, just happened to be at that wedding with their cameras, ready to film away that part of the wedding? Do the liberal cameramen have any video footage from the chupa or any other dances besides those with the knives? If not, it’s pretty interesting that the cameramen knew when to be at the wedding and when to start filming. This is another “plant” by the Shabak. They’re losing case after case because they are such evil people and commit evil acts against innocent people to prove to the eu who funds them that they are doing something for the money they’re getting from them (the eu). May the day come soon when evil will be eradicated and only TRUE Torah observant people, who fear Hashem more than the goyishe leaders of the other countries, will rule Israel. May these evil people vanish quickly. You now see what happens when you have a country ruled by liberals who don’t believe in Hashem and feel that they’re much smarter than Hashem anyway. Pure anarchy!!! Bring back Kedusha and Torah to the land.

  5. Ditto to all the above. Well said. Seriously, it doesnt give you any more credibility from the “other side” when you write these things, so why write them at all?

  6. Honestly, with all the proven radical anti-Judaism of the Israel security establishment I would suspect that this was instigated and perpetrated by them.

  7. Arabs fire weapons, hand out sweets & set off fireworks to celebrate a “successful” suicide attack or whatever. And Israel does nothing. I don’t know what it will take for the government to stop pandering to these animals & letting them literally get away with murder. As long as family men, students & Rabbis get stabbed or mowed down, it’s OK. Anyone “important” – then it will be different.

  8. The Palestinians celebrate with real guns and nothing happens to them. This government is so backwards in the most obvious of ways it’s hard to even believe.

  9. I’m sorry but this slandering a whole group of people as supporters of killing babies, based on the actions on one dubious person in a seven second clip is bigotry. And that bugs me.

    A much better “report” would be a poll of various segments of the Israel population asking “If the Duma attack where a baby was killed was a revenge attack, do you support it?” My guess is the numbers would be very, very small.

    Correction, one knife, one Molotov cocktail, one photo of the Dawabsha family baby, all held by the same masked person.

    As far as I can tell, some points about the clip
    1) The same seven seconds are played over and over.
    2) The person holding the picture of the Palestinian baby was on the side and not the center of the group
    3) The music and dancing was not directed towards, or in any way involved with the person holding the picture of the baby.
    4) The fact that he was holding a picture of the baby is easily missed, and not seemingly noticed by others, the clip needs to highlight it and play the same few seconds over and over.
    5) Although it is presented as separate people, there is only one knife, one molotov cocktail, and one picture of a Palestinian baby, all held by the same masked (or in this picture burred out) person.
    6) If he was masked, either knew that others may not approve of his actions or he knew he was being filmed.
    7) This incident coincidentally occurred in the same hall where an hour earlier a press conference was held of lawyers condemning the shin bet.

  10. The point is, in a way, much larger than “is this a Shabak plant or not.”

    Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that it’s not. Let’s say there really was a group of radical wackos there that night who all thought it would be a swell idea to celebrate their friend’s wedding by waving weapons in the air and cheering on a revenge arson attack. Let’s say they even stabbed the photo.

    Would that be reprehensible behavior? Of course. Would it be disgusting? Definitely. Anti-Torah? You bet.


    What code, chapter and verse of Israeli constitutional law (such as it is) did they transgress? On what charges were they arrested? And if the police can’t pinpoint it, then what we have here is a gross violation of freedom of speech. Which, unfortunately, is not unusual.

    The State of Israel touts itself as the only democracy in the Middle East. If it wants to be able to back up that statement, then it needs to start acting like one.

  11. MoisheinGolus: And your hard evidence (not circumstantial evidence and not suspicions or surmise) that it was wedding crashers who caused this is exactly what? To accuse the gov’t of inconsistency in not arresting Arab participants in celebrating Arab terrorism is one thing; to accuse the gov’t of conspiracy to create this incident without hard evidence is another – it’s baseless, incredible, and achieves nothing. If those making such accusations have supporting evidence, they need to provide it to the public. If not, they have very little credibility.
    By the way, MoisheinGolus, move to Israel (if you have not already done so). It’s a little hard to take your criticism seriously, otherwise.

  12. To #15: Moshe B

    RE: “to accuse the gov’t of conspiracy to create this incident without hard evidence is another – it’s baseless, incredible, and achieves nothing.”
    Baseless? No Hard Evidence? You need evidence? I will give your evidence: What do you call the whole affair with Avishai Raviv and assassination of Rabin?
    BWT: The statement by Lenny Goldberg, whose daughter was getting married, that these people were in fact wedding crushers is more credible than your opinion.