Medical Marijuana Company is First to Receive Kosher Certification


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mmaVireo Health, a medical marijuana company in New York says it will soon offer the world’s first kosher medical pot.

Their non-smokable medical cannabis products have been certified by the Orthodox Union. Inspectors from the Orthodox Union made the declaration after visiting Vireo’s facilities to ensure the plant was grown and processed in keeping with kosher standards.

An executive at Vireo says the certification will help the company serve patients in New York, the nation’s largest population of Jews.

The company is one of five selected by the state to provide non-smokable medical marijuana products to patients with certain qualifying conditions. The program is scheduled to begin next month.



  1. Or the ways we try to certify products that are useful. This isn’t like in Israel that the poisonous toilet cleaner have hdchsherim on them

  2. Interesting. First, a “major figure” within the OU publicly (and ridiculously) backs Hillary for public office. Now, they give a “hechsher” to Mary Jane. Next thing you know, they’ll be a bakery somewhere making Toeva cakes and those will have an OU hechsher also.

    Stay Tuned.

  3. Yossi613,

    Despite what you think, this has been in the works far before Rabbi Genack said he would vote for Hillary (as if THAT was ever in doubt). Rabbi Genack is a wonderful person and as big a talmud chochom that he is, he’s just as big an anuv too.

    Uber vus ken min tun that he’s nebach a liberal democrat who would NEVER admit to voting for a Republican.

    Halavai we all had only one fault!

  4. Medicines don’t require hashgacha I thought- no OU on Asthma Inhalers, cough medicines, Penicillin, Anti biotics. This is a way of gaining political favor with those who advocate mind altering gateway drugs that make people high, that many people who do not need, and have not needed for hundreds of years suddenly need? Remember the Opium dens in China that destroyed lives and minds? Many medical marihuana prescriptions are going to people who could take Aleve – There are exposed showing people getting this who really don’t need it – and for those people dying of cancer who really need it- they don’t need Hshcacha.