WATCH: Charedim Scream ‘Nazi’ As Israeli Undercover Police Try Making Arrest Near Meah Shearim


Charedim scream Nazi at Israeli Police as they try & make an arrest. The crowd manages to free the man. it is unknown what the man was wanted for. This video was taken on Wednesday morning ans sent to YWN via @dbonthesecond.


  1. YWN:
    Do you feel good about publicizing a Chillul Hashem?!

    Do you ever THINK that what you upload onto your website might cause someone financial or emotional damage?

    Do know even KNOW what loshon hora, rechilus or motzei sheim rah is?

  2. We should have the respected Holocaust survivor and others loudly condemn this regular sickening behavior in Meah Shearim of shouting Nazi at Israeli soldiers and police! Here is a Copy of my post in the article that made a ruckus about Rabbi Mizrahi.
    A Sure Thing is We Must Never Triviliaze the Holocaust. Every Jew that was Murdered Because he or she was a Jew is a Holy Martyr. We must also be careful with Youtube and the internet – especially if we have Youtube channels – as this has already gone to Hate Groups sites. (who knows if it was because of the Publicity of Other Sites to This Issue) Men, women, old , young and babies were Murdered just because they were Jews in the millions. Who are WE to say who “deserved”. As Believers we of course believe there is a Divine Plan. In Hind site we will see.
    At the same time – Neturei Karta and Their Ilk Also Disgustingly Make Light of the Holocaust when they call Israeli Soldiers and Police Nazis! A) Let us get serious about not allowing Trivialization of the Holocaust by ANYONE

  3. Clearly a Jewish country — and these people know it.

    Could you imagine ANYWHERE else where citizens would have the chutzpah to physically challenge an officer trying to make an arrest — and not get arrested themselves for serious, serious time?

  4. YWN:
    With all do respect, what is the purpose of posting this video on your website? What are you trying to prove? You should be better then the other garbage website out there that hate the frum jews. People come to this site for “kosher news” and articles like this ruin that.Why can’t you be better then them and only post articles that isn’t loshon hora ( whether its true or not it is still loshon hora”

  5. Shlomo2
    ANYWHERE where police play by the rules

    Wherever there is police brutality and intimidation there will be backlash from the citizen

    Like the USA

  6. i would like to know what Yosef stern is doing to expose this Arab-like behaviour to the community.

    it seems he is only good at putting ywn down and promotes we never talk about anything negative, and continue being passive about this ridiculous non Torah like behaviour…

  7. Reply to gabs911:
    All I’m suggesting is that if YWN is truly a ‘kosher website’ they should hire a rabbi who is ‘competent’ in the hilchos of loshon hora, rechilus and motzei sheim rah, to censor the news article before they uploaded so that someone should not get hurt financially or emotionally.

    Suppose YWN posted something that caused you to be hurt financially or emotionally wouldn’t you be enraged?

    If you are a religious Jew with a soul that ‘cares’ about the ‘feelings’ of other Jews, then it should ‘bother’ you when a website shows, writes or publicizes negative things about your fellow man.