Minister Litzman Wins Poll As Most Liked Minister


litzHealth Minister Yaakov Litzman on Sunday morning 29 Teves spoke with Kol Chai Radio host Mordechai Lavi. When asked “What is Instagram”, Litzman, who is gaining popularity on social media platforms, admits he does not know what Instagram is. Nevertheless, Israeli social media carries its fair share of discussion regarding local politics and government ministers, including Litzman.

The poll was commissioned by Channel 2 News, released on motzei Shabbos on the Meet the Press program. The poll was conducted by Dr. Mina Tzemach’s Midgam Institute involving close to 705 respondents representing a cross section of the general Israeli public, not just the chareidi tzibur. The margin of error is +/- 4.5%. The heads of parties and a number of other prominent ministers were included, not all the cabinet ministers.

Dr. Tzemach explains the poll reveals that among six of the ten ministers, the tzibur is dissatisfied as they scored under 50% and this is troublesome.

Litzman admits he does not know why he ranks high, perhaps his marvelous team and the fact he remains silent on many items that are not in his realm but focuses on his responsibilities, the nation’s healthcare system. “I do not speak about Obama and other things, just health but it is all Siyata Dishmaya”.

The poll shows that Litzman breaks the stigma, leading all cabinet ministers in the popularity poll. He explains that this puts even more pressure on him for that means he most work even harder to maintain this status to avoid a Chilul Hashem.

Litzman concludes the interview saying “In addition to all the praise, a few perakim of Tehillim would be most helpful”.

56.1% – Health Minister Litzman

50.5% – Transportation Minister Katz

50.5% – Defense Minister Ya’alon

46.9% – Justice Minister Shaked

45.5% – Education Minister Bennett

38% – Public Security Minister Erdan

37.8% – Culture & Sport Minister Regev

37% – Finance Minister Kahlon

32.1% – Prime Minister

18.9% – Last place, Negev & Galil Development Minister Deri

Speaking to Lavi following Litzman was MK Shelly Yacimovich, who describes herself as secular and a feminist. She is a major fan of Litzman and is generous with words of praise on social media. She explained “I have been an MK for ten years and during that period of time, he has never disappointed, not even once”. Yacimovich explains Litzman is totally engulfed in concerns for the nation’s health system and “When he speaks about the children requiring dental care of the nation’s poor children, he speaks about all of the children, not just the chareidim”.

She explains “I do not have preconceived notions and therefore I can praise a chareidi minister for I do not have the bias many of the others have”. She concluded explaining “We must thank Yair Lapid for taking the case to the Supreme Court and compelling Litzman to become a minister instead of continuing to serve as a deputy minister”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Although it warms the heart to hear about some aspect of Kiddush Hashem that a sincere frum Jew is accomplishing in a public position, we must not loose our balance of objectivity.

    The state in E”Y is not a Jewish state as it is not a Torah State. No entity has the right to call itself “Jewish” if it does not recognize our subservience to the Ribono Shel Olam and his Torah.

    The association of frum Jews with this state is extremely confusing, dangerous and harmful. May the Ribbono Shel Olom help us to only be fully Mekadesh Shem Shomayim without compromising the truth.