How to Give Mishloach Manos for Every Business Associate Quickly, Happily and Efficiently




What happens when you need to arrange and send mishloach manos to your corporate associates, clients and customers?

A corporate-sized headache is usually the result.

But this year, things will be different 

That’s what you promised yourself last year. And you’re right. This year, you will save precious time. This time, you have a smarter and better way of sending mishloach manos.

Efficient, Convenient, and Smarter

The only thing you have to do now is send us your long list of names and addresses. Your associates will all receive a beautiful, classy basket – and you will receive the piece of mind to really enjoy Purim.

Beautiful, sophisticated baskets filled with masterfully arranged wines, chocolates and other delicacies will be delivered throughout the United States to all your contacts, on Purim day or the date you request.

And best of all –

Your Mishloach Manos is Tzeddakah Too

In addition to being a token of recognition to your colleagues and associates, your mishloach manos will be upgraded to a tzedakah contribution as well.

All proceeds go directly to tzedakah, to help chassanim come to their wedding day with everything they need to build a Jewish home.

Imagine – not only is your elegant corporate mishloach manos arranged and delivered hassle-free, smartly and smoothly. They double as a much appreciated tzedakah donation for Keren Chasanim, a prominent, long standing tzedakah fund.

You can choose different gift levels for various priority clients and associates.

Enjoy peace of mind. Get classy baskets delivered to all your associates, with no need to worry or arrange anything. This year, your corporate Mishloach Manos will be better and smarter.

Place your corporate Purim order today.

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