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VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Massive Fire Destroys Spinka Bais Medrash In Kiryas Joel [UPDATED 3:15PM]


The Spinka Bais Medrash in Kiryas Joel was destroyed by a fire on Thursday.

The Kiryas Joel Fire Department was on the scene of the blaze at 12 Lizensk Boulevard and Schunnemunk Road.

The fire started a few minutes after 1:00PM on Thursday afternoon.

Just minutes after arriving on the scene, the a second alarm was transmitted by the Fire Department for additional resources to respond.

As can bee seen in the photos below, mutual aid assistance was called in from many neighboring towns.

The building appears to have residential units in it as well as the Spinka Bais Medrash.

More than an hour later the fire department was still battling the fire.

Video footage from the scene showed heavy flames and smoke billowing out of the entire building.

Sources tell YWN that there is a Yeshiva for Bochrim in the building during the week.

Boruch Hashem all occupants were safely removed from the building and no injuries were reported.

There were conflicting reports of the Sifrei Torah. YWN will update as soon as we have further information.

The cause of the fire was under investigation.

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(Charles Gross – YWN)

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