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VIDEO: Episode 1 & 2 of “It’s A Wonderful Week”- New Show for Jewish Kids

Jewish Media Network  presents a new show for Jewish kids.

“It’s A Wonderful Week” features: Arts & Crafts, Torah thoughts, stories, prizes and more.

Episode 1: On the first episode of It’s A Wonderful Week, we’ll learn how to make a fun marble maze, hear a Torah thought and a nice story. We’ll even get to tour a factory. (Please note: While the winners for episode 1 have already been announced, the contest for episode 2 is still open)

Episode 2: In Episode 2 of It’s A Wonderful Week, we’ll hear a story and a Torah thought, find out the winners from Episode 1 and learn how to make a pizza cookie. We will also get to meet Dr. Shnitzel from the Wacky Science show. There are 2 new prizes this week, watch the episode to find out how you can win. (Prizes will be shipped within USA only)

As part of this 3 episode series, there will IYH be one more episode which will be available soon on

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  1. Chills and grrrrr!!! The word episode I have seen only at someone I know that she watches Goyshe episodes!! Please dont copy the same word as hollywood. Can you use a different word other than episode!!! Please!!!!

  2. You can say the same thing you said about “episode” about the words “show” or any other word that Goyim also use.

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