Leading Poskim In Dati Leumi Community Speak Out Against Toeiva Parade


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3A day ahead of the toeiva parade in Jerusalem which is set for Thursday, 15 Tammuz, HaGaon HaRav Shlomo HaKohen Aviner Shlita and HaGaon HaRav Tzvi Tau Shlita have released a declaration expressing their pain over the event in the holy city.

The protest letter from the rabbonim is entitled “don’t bring toeiva into your home”, expressing their protest over the event and citing the profound Chilul Hashem associated with permitting the parade to take place in the holy city.

The rabbonim add that unlike past years, this year, for a first time, the parade enjoys funding from the government, “money collected from Jews to lend support to toeiva tourism in in the heart of the world…”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why is this news?
    Because they are dati leumi?
    Is it a chiddush for the yeshivish community that the dati leumi community is also against toeiva?.

  2. It seems that you feel that the yeshiva world should only write about novel ideas and discoveries and although that might make news more glamorous , I think focusing on this aspect that although the world is crazy and are slaves to their yetzer hara there are still jews besides for the main stream that are opposed to it. Sometimes we begin to feel segregated from the other jewish sects and it is imperative to realize that we are all brothers! sometimes it is the simplest of things that have the most profundity and insight.

  3. 3 is there a chevra mechallelai Shabbos synagogue? is there a mechllelai Shabbos parade? what is the purpose of these parades? ‘kenimrod gibor tzaid lifnay hashem’!

  4. the Toeva parade, meaning the Gays parade themselves to feel good about being homosexuals, has been ignored by the charadi rabbis. The news is that the dati leumi DO speak out against them.

  5. a heartfelt yaasher koach to the editor of TYW.

    We spoke many years ago when he first started this site And now as then, he shows a tremendous amount of kovod for every Jew. We are one family.
    My father Z,L said the nazis didn’t show a difference to any kind of jew so we shouldn’t either.
    We are one family. Brothers we all sink or swim together.

  6. ofcourse every body knows that dati-leumi are not pro toeiva

    the reason this is news is because they generally do not make a macha’ah against things to the left. no matter how to the left they may be. their PUBLIC DECLARATION against it, is news.

  7. It’s not very significant to the chareidi tzibur that some Dati Leumi rabbis speak out against the toeiva parade, and it’s good that at least some of them are publicly opposing this abomination. However, YWN has not reported that after the secular media’s brouhaha against Rabbi Levinstien (the original speaker against the acceptance of deviant life styles in the IDF), many Dati Leumi rabbis condemned him for it, including his compatriot at his yeshiva. Rabbi Levinstien himself has subsequently issued a partial retraction of his original words. Most probably due to outside pressure. This is somehow not being reported here.

  8. Can ANYONE tell me how is it that in the last, and most recent primary elections, our “frum” Assemblyman from Boro Park actively endorsed a person whose lifestyle fits into this heading of “Toeva” and not a single Rav took him to task over it? Frankly, I found it sickening listeneing to the loud speakers blast in yiddish on the day of the election, what a great guy the openly gay candidate is. Assemblyman, had he won the Congressional seat, and asked you to march in the Toeva parade in N.Y. would you have marched too?

  9. To the mods: a day and a half awaiting moderation. Must be a record. You could not publish this after OKing yesterday’s comment. Can’t see anything worse in my comment than in some of the others.