Sanders: I Demanded DNC Chair’s Resignation Over Email Link Regarding Sanders’ Religious Beliefs


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  1. Did you see how he went around the bush? According to this interview the DNC was right as he did not deny it. He might not be an atheist (after all, there are no atheists) but he does not believe in a G-d and such lowlifes should not be senators and certainly not run for head office. B”H this bitter man is out.

  2. It is becoming very frustrating, that instead of reporting the news, the site, who’s target is the frum audience, keep pushing links to you tube, instead of presenting the story.

    You tube has no place in the ‘Yeshiva world’ people who follow the American rabonim have a filter on their phone that blocks YouTube.

    If you want to do a service to tzibur, then why don’t you host the videos on your own site.

  3. ” He has just about so stated.”

    Uh, I am far from a Sanders fan. But he has not declared himself to be an atheist. And he recited the blessings over the public Chanukiah that the allowed the local Chabad in Burlington, VT to set up in front of City Hall, running afoul of both that state’s Jewish then-Governor and the ACLU. Most atheists don’t recite blessings to a God they don’t think exists.

  4. If the emails are for real (they could be Putin’s doing) then Marshall needs to be fired and Wasserman Schultz, Marshall’s boss, needs to resign. I can’t believe the comments here are attacking SANDERS.

    Meanwhile if you want to find some even worse anti-Semitism, check out the Stormfront site and its enthusiastic support for Trump.

  5. @yunson are you the only person in your “tzibur”? Cuz i dont hear anyone else complaining. Sounds to me your more frustrated at the “block” that you have on your cell phone. Maybe a “yiras shamayim” shouldnt be getting frustrated when he cant watch a video.