Leaked Document Shows Jewish Billionaire George Soros Donated to Anti-Israel Causes


DONATE-SOROSThe website DC Leaks has released a confidential report composed of documents showing that Jewish Hungarian-American business magnate George Soros has contributed a large amount of funds to anti-Israel causes. The documents were accessed after Soros’s company was hacked as part of the larger hack that targeted the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in June.

According to the leaked documents, Soros gave more than $2 billion to Adalah, a self-described “independent human rights organization” that has accused Israel of war crimes and called on governments to sever diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. More than a $1 million was also donated to the Palestinian media center I’lam, which has accused Israel of ethnic cleansing and has published anti-Zionist content. Other organizations that received funding from Soros according to the report include: Mada al-Carmel, Kayan-Feminist Organization, Mossawa Center, Molad, The Galilee Society, Al-Tufula Center, Ma’an, Injaz, Sidreh, Lakiya, Baladna, Arab Association for Human Rights, National Committee of Heads of Arab Local Authorities in Israel and PILI Foundation.

Several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) received large grants through the New Israel Fund (NIF), which supports many such organizations. This, according to the watdog group NGO Monitor, directly contradicts NIF’s stated position that it “will not fund global BDS activities against Israel nor support organizations that have global BDS programs.”

In addition, the leaked documents also revealed how Soros and his network’s efforts to promote awareness of perceived Israeli violations against Palestinians, while at the same time making an effort not to draw attention to this goal.

“For a variety of reasons,” states one of the leaked documents. “We wanted to construct a diversified portfolio of grants dealing with Israel and Palestine, funding both Israeli Jewish and PCI (Palestinian Citizens of Israel) groups as well as building a portfolio of Palestinian grants and in all cases to maintain a low profile and relative distance—particularly on the advocacy front.”

The documents also stated that the Arab Regional Office, whose 2014 portfolio review document of its Palestine/Israel international advocacy and which Soros’s funding supported, was motivated by the rise of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement “and other economic levers, and increased use and traction of arts and culture by Palestinians as a means to raise awareness of violations and the impact of the conflict.”

(Source: JNS.org)


  1. Soros may have been born Jewish , Schwartz, but is an enemy of the Jewish people. Look up his up the interview about his actions during the Holocaust. He aided the Nazis, yemach shemom, in the confiscation of Jewish property, and identifying Jews. When asked if he had any remorse, his reply was these were the “best years of my life”. He doesn’t deserve to be called Jewish. Evil in human form.

  2. This man is a truly EVIL self-hating Jew who is using his wealth to destroy Jews and Israel.It’s time the State of Israel deports the workers of these anti-israel NGO’s and keeps their supporters out.

  3. Correction: Soros (Yamach Shmo) is not self-hating Jew. He does not hate himself, he just hates all other Jews and everything Jewish. He is simply Jew=hater, not self-hating “Jew”