Secularists Planning A Chilul Shabbos Event In Bnei Brak


shabbosA Facebook page has been launched called “מסיבת רחוב בבני ברק בשבת” (Bnei Brak Shabbos street party) by secular persons who plan to bring a large group and defy Shabbos in the Torah city. The event is planned for next Shabbos, 17 Elul, Parshas Ki Teitzei at 10:00AM.

It appears the ongoing efforts to compel the closure of businesses in Tel Aviv on Shabbos is being used as the excuse for this public defiance of Shabbos R”L.

The adverts state “The time has come to roll up our sleeves and battle for our freedom to live. We cannot remain silent any longer in the face of violations of the status quo. One cannot limit the movement of others on Shabbos or weekdays because of chareidi political whims.

“This is the call of the hour for the sane who remain here – for those who do not wish to see the chareidi revolutionary guard in Tel Aviv. We served in the IDF and the reserves, pay taxes and work. The time has come for us to clarify that the extremist minority will not rule over us! We who motivate the country will remain free or fight until we are. I urge you to come to Bnei Brak next Shabbos with music, megaphones and an abundance of good vibes to prove to all the secular tzibur is not a sucker and will not remain silent. You have crossed the accepted border and now the border guards are coming to you”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Greet your brothers and sisters with open arms, set up a few tables with refreshments, invite them into your homes and show them real menuchas Shabbos. Throwing garbage and yelling obscenities at them will not bring a single jew closer to yiddeshkeit and will only earn them additional followers.