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Ministry Of Religious Services Concerned Over Threats Against Rabbi Havlin

1Minister of Religious Services David Azoulai has instructed Chief Rabbinate of Israel Director-General Oded Flus to find a solution to bring a halt to the ongoing harassment campaign and death threats against Kiryat Gat Chief Rabbi Moshe Havlin Shlita.

Flus on Wednesday was scheduled to meet with the Chief Rabbinate legal counsel and security officer to discuss the situation. Flus is also conferring with police who have been involved in the case since the protests outside Rabbi Havlin’s home began.

Rabbi Havlin is being targeted because he is a member of the Chabad Beis Din in Eretz Yisrael who along with a number of colleagues signed an agreement with the IDF. The agreement permits Talmidei Chabad to travel to NYC for a year or two of ‘Kvutza’ and then return home and continue limudim, then followed by IDF service.

Protestors have already forced themselves into the rav’s home and there have been numerous protests outside. At least three persons involved have already been indicted. The Eida Chareidis has since come out against the Chabad deal as well, lending support to the ongoing protests.

However, the protests have led to death threats against the rav as police and other agencies continue probing the matter.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Rabbanim and rosh yeshivas PLEASE speak out about the violent protests and shaming of rabbis and frum soldiers!!! This is a case of a respected rav of Chabad who decided it was acceptable to agree to the compromise he did, which can not seem to be proven against halacha.
    They Must Know that to the Rest of the FRUM world they are looking like MESHUGAIM! Does it not say DRACHEHA DARCHAI NOAM?!! That the Torahs ways are Pleasant??? So would that mean people do not attack rabbis or scream and shame frum soldiers who want to daven at a minyan?? Is this not a Chilul Hashem??

  2. A real Shame on the Eida Charada for promoting violence and stiffling p’sak halachas that they differ from.

    That one rabbi differs from another in outlook or p’sak is not new to us, the Rishonim and Acharonim all differed – but never in history has there been incitement to violence.

    A real Shame for frum Yidden and for the Eida!

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