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Grandmother And Great Grandmother Killed Both Killed In Accidents – Both While Heading To A Bas Mitzvah

candle914After Mrs. Rivka Toledano, 83, was killed in a vehicular accident 10 years ago on Route 70, on Sunday night the eve of 23 Elul while heading to a Bas Mitzvah, her daughter Esther Asig, 57, was niftar a month before her son’s chasenah, also in a car accident and also heading to a bas mitzvah.

The family tells they were traveling to a bas mitzvah of a grandchild of Esther’s A”H, a great grandchild of Mrs. Rivka Toledano A”H.

The accident occurred on 12 Elul on the road near Yishuv Netiv HaShaiyara, (מושב נתיב השיירה) in the Western Galil. The road is one lane in each direction without a divider. This led to the head-in collision as one of the vehicles veered out of its lane. Rivka was killed on the spot and her daughter seriously injured and her husband moderately injured. Others were less seriously injured.

Esther was being treated in an intensive care unit of Nahariya Hospital but died of her injuries on Sunday night.

Esther was one of the well-known women in Kiryat Ata, a daughter to the Toledano family, a well-known mishpacha in the community. The levaya began at 4:00PM on Monday in the Kiryat Ata Cemetery.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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