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Charter Flight With Hundreds Of Passengers From NYC To Uman Cancelled Hours Before Take-Off

umanHundreds of people scheduled to leave New York on Wednesday night for Uman have just been notified that the flight has been cancelled.

The tickets were sold by a well-respected travel agency, and the passengers were being flown on a privately chartered 747. The flight was advertised as a direct flight.

Although it is unclear about why exactly the flight was cancelled, sources tell YWN that the flight did not have the appropriate landing permits in Ukraine, prompting the cancellation of the flight.

Passengers who spoke to the travel agency are being told that their money was being refunded, and being told that they can try and make alternate travel arrangements.

The following email was written by one of the flight organizers:

Dear friends,

This past summer we attempted to organize a charter flight to the Zion of Rabeini Hakodosh so that our community can travel to Uman for Rosh Hashanah. With Hashemโ€™s help we made contact with a reputable charter company that was willing to provide us with a reasonably priced flight option that would be best suitable for our community.

We reached out to Do All Travel to assist us in servicing the community to book and ticket this charter flight. Do All Travel put in their best effort to service the positive response.

Unfortunately at the last minute we received word from the charter company that due to issues beyond their control there will be no flight leaving tonightfor Kiev in time for Rosh Hashanah. We profusely apologize for the situation and we understand your disappointment. We take full responsibility for this unfortunate situation.

May hashem help that with all of your good intentions you should merit to a healthy and fruitful year.

With sincere appolgies,

Yoily Gertner

(Charles Gross – YWN)

28 Responses

  1. Maybe at least some of the passengers will decide to stay at home with their wives and children, and use the refunded money for Yom Tov needs.
    That is beside the point of many not-so-kosher things going on in Uman over Rosh Hashana.

  2. The zechus that they get to spend Rosh Hashonoh with their families should compensate what they are losing out on being in the Ukraine.

  3. I am sure there are going to be alot of happy children that their tatty is going to be home for rosh hashana, they can sit next to their tatty and hear shofer this year!!!

  4. For those reading this who don’t understand the inyan of going to Uman, R’ Nachman, who has hundreds of thousands of followers today, emphasized the importance of his Chassidim to come to him on Rosh Hashanah, Irregardless of outside factors. YES, R’ Nachman knew that people would be leaving their families. However, given that Rosh Hashanah decides the whole year, and vis a vis the rest of your life, it is written that it is of upmost importance for one to be mekasher themselves to the Tzadik Yesod Oilam in order to sweeten the judgment.

    R’ Nachmans teachings go down to the trenches and find Hashem even in the lowest places, and beseech one to seek out a deep connection with Hashem, and continue growing in Avodas Hashem every single day!

    Those who want to live a good life, and have Dveykus Hashem every second, follow the teachings of R’ Nachman. And if the R’ Nachman said that the most important place to be for Rosh Hashanah is in Uman, then Ashrecha to those following him!

    We will see you all in Jerusalem for Rosh Hashanah 2017

  5. By the way, to whomever commented above that doesn’t understand the inyan of Uman, I can potentially offer you a ticket to Uman this year. You can leave from NY tomorrow morning/afternoon and be here for an unforgettable Shabbos and Rosh Hashanah that you have never experienced in your life with 40,000 holy yidden from all over the world praising Hashem. Pls comment below if you are interested

  6. I was on the flight and no my wife wasn’t happy or my kids. They were actually all saying tehillim i get onto another flight which i did B”h.

    And yes my wife and kids are more then happy that their husband/father should be in uman and have them all in mind. And start off the year by the Tzaddik who wanted us all to come there.

  7. If you take seriously the Rambam’s spin on hashgacha paratis as described in sefer Torat Hashem Temimah, you would read this email from the travel agency, go into the kitchen and simply hug your wife and children and realize you’d just dodged a bullet. As the world exists today, there are so many risks beyond our control, I still am perplexed that so many legit Breslover chassidim (putting aside the many new age types posing as Breslov) leave their families each year to enrich the biggest anti-semitim on Earth. If you are waiting at JFK for the flight to nowhere, go online and you can call Uber to drive you to one of the kevorim of big tzadikim within a 15 minute drive from the International Terminal.

  8. A devoted Chusid would not let a mishap like this prevent him from being by the Tziyun of his Rebbe! …and remember “Mitzva Gedola Lehiyos Bsimcha Tumid!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. ืืœื•ืœ us the roshie teivous of
    ืื ื™

  10. “May hashem help that with all of your good intentions you should merit to a healthy and fruitful year.”

    Ah… Good intentions are nice but Judaism calls for more than just intentions. Daven well do teshuva and be zoche to a gut yahr.

  11. Aside for many mitzvot we dont understand. the torah teaches us common sense which many people lack.
    So its common sense and to see that everyone knows that you need to spend time with your family on the high holidays.

    If you have nothing to do and no family yes go. even then think about it.

    But if you have a family i think its a disgrace to go.

  12. Every year around this time of year when God is judging us individually and as a nation being a breslover and a wife of a breslover. I find it to be an extremely challenging time of year. Many people will assume it’s because my husband leaves me and my children, my five beautiful children that he adores and cherishes to go to the tzion of our rebbenu hakadosh. Every time breslov chassidus is plastered across social media and news outlets people feel the need to “feel bad” for the wives and children.
    The ignorance and judgmental attitude towards our husbands going is not only hurtful but completely wrong.
    Let me clarify a few misconstrued perceptions about Uman and women that if affects.
    First, I want to let all the readers know that I am not a “free spirited wife of a na Nach” that dances and spreads joy across the world (may their souls be blessed) I am a five towns woman who’s raises her family as best as I can, sending my children to the best yeshivos out there. I am a run of the mill “frum mommy” and we are regular “frum” (not even sure that’s a real word) family.
    Second, my husband does not abandon me or my children and if there is a year I need him to stay home for whatever reason I feel necessary he will without question. We make decisions as a team regarding what’s best for our family.
    Third, I push my husband to go to Uman every year when the decision time comes because I selfishly reap the benefits of him saying the tikkun on erev Rosh Hashana and having a spiritually uplifted tefillah on Rh. There’s a huge misconception out there that Rosh Hashana is about spending time with your family when really it’s about davening for ourselves and our families to our holy creator.
    I understand that many people may have heard about or perhaps even have first hand seen not good things happen in Uman. One does not need to go further then their own city to see people sin and do wrong things on Rosh Hashana. Unfortunately it’s the way of the world. People sin and people do not always make the right choices. That is between them and their creator. Instead of pointing fingers and feeling bad for all the damsels in distress. Stop and think if you know your facts.
    For me -from first hand experience I want to share some facts…there were a few years where my husband was unable to go to Uman and those years I spent Rh with my husband and children. It did not make my children feel any more loved and cared for by their father, then they already are. It did not make my marriage any worse or any better then it is or was because my husband was home for Yom Tov. Although it was nice to have him home it did not make my yuntif any more “yuntifdik” as I am the one who usually makes yuntif anyway. So he said kiddish instead of my brother or brother in law or even me, it was nice and enjoyable but not more helpful or even necessary.
    What is a fact- when my husband goes to Uman for Rosh Hashana he returns a new charged man. He has a certain spirituality and energy to him that I can not explain in words properly. This energy and oneness with gd that he builds during his trip to Uman every single year that he has gone (15 and counting) spills over to me and our children. The ripple effect is immeasurable and the value of it is far more precious then my husband staying home for yuntif.
    But here’s the kicker-it’s what works for me and my family and I am not suggesting that every man leave his family to go to holy Rebbe Nachman on Rh. We all have different concerns, values and relationships amongst our families as well as with our creator. Please just understand that the opinions about whether or not you feel it’s right for MY husband to leave ME and MY children is really quite frankly none of your darn business. I and many other breslover women do not need your pity or you ignorance to cloud what works for us and our families. It’s an immature way to think that the bad outweighs the good in Uman as one can never know what can happen from a trip to Uman. Even if the intent of the person going was wrong and the time spent there was full of bad choices we learn quite early on in life that Hashem puts us all in places for reasons far beyond our understanding. It’s called the bigger picture which we as mortal humans can not see. So instead of judging and assuming it’s a wrong experience try and work on your Rh experience and stop offering an opinion on the 40 thousand men and women who believe Uman is what works for them.

  13. I’m sorry all of you seem to not understand what it means to go to your Rebbe for Rosh HaShanah. Nor do you seem to understand that a Breslover chassid going to Uman for Rosh HaShanah is like hiring the best attorney when you’re up against charges. Yes, like Meiron attracts bums, so does Uman. But they are not in the majority. I just got my husband on a plane to Uman and while I’m sad to be apart from him, it’s the best place for him. For many families, unfortunately,the father being home is not necessarily a good thing, that’s how bad shalom bayis is in many “Yiddishe” homes. For you, right before Yom HaDin, to show such ill feelings toward Breslovers traveling to their Rebbe, just means you have that much more to be crying to Tatty in Himmel to help fix in you. And I’m curious: do you also rake over the coals chassidim to go from EY to NY or from the US to EY in order to spend the holidays with their rebbe? Not all take their families. Many Breslover’s take their sons to Uman!

  14. I understand the concept of the disapproval here on going to Uman on Rosh Hashanah, but I still disagree with u guys coming out against a thing that Thousands of people around the world are doing yearly, we have enough pain in our lives, a Kitruge now is totally redundant especially this time of year.

  15. Good! The son who went against my wishes returned. Because I had told him very harsh things in our relationship will change if he goes since he’s ignoring other things too and this was last straw. And many other people sons, go against parents wishes to uman. Uman is LoYeuman. For breslove or non breslove going to uman, listening to parents becomes secondary.

  16. To most of the comments here , Breslov people are not telling you that you have to go to Uman for Rosh HaShana , so don’t tell the opposite .
    For your info , the families of all those going to Uman , want them very much to go , and believe in it , and are completely shalem with this . I’m not sure if this can be said for all other families . Sons will usually be taken along .
    No.1 , are you really sure , that you know to interpret HaShem’s messages ? Maybe it is exactly opposite to what you said .
    So people let’s forget the sinah and pridut etc. , and a little bit more Achdut , and examining our own individual faults which require rectification .

  17. They shouldn’t be disappointed if it means being together with their families and realizing gamzu l’tovah. Never understood why all these non-Breslover made this a tradition for themselves. Gamzu l’tovah!

  18. Is there a particular type of fun that I’m missing, that when one Jew is disappointed some other Jews feel obligated to rejoice?
    So you’re different than them, so you think they’re doing something and your mind that’s not okay. So what?
    In the scheme of things, 3 days away from your family isn’t the end of the world. Yes a lot of weird people go to Ukraine. Yes some Shenanigans go on there, as they happen in every other place. Have you ever been to Tel Aviv? Meron on lag b’omer?
    But not everyone is like that. I personally know of very serious people who go for and get a wholesome spiritual experience .
    Either way, how is this your business? How about modesty issues that go on in your very back yard? How about some of the OTD crowd which may be in rehab or at a friend’s house over in rosh hosanna?
    Are you guys really glad that for some, their yom tov is ruined? Shame on you.

  19. A truly devoted Chusid would not let such a mishap prevent him from davening at the Tziyun of his Rebbe. Mitzva Gedola Lehiyos Bsimcha Tumid!

  20. Ever wondered how many of those flying off to Uman receive Tomchei Shabbos deliveries for Yom Tov?
    Anyone who has enough funds for this adventure shouldn’t be entitled to tzedaka.

  21. And I believe that it would be best if everyone minded their own business.
    Let this who want to go go, and those who want to stay home stay home.
    If you are not being asked to fund someone’s ticket, then let him do as he pleases without mixing in.
    Of course we should let all this who want to comment do sop as well. But be nice and don’t ridicule someone else’s way.
    If you don’t agree, I’d like to offer you an opinion or two about your behavior…

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