Another Flight Heading To Uman From NYC Cancelled: Lufthansa Flight Clips Wings As It Leaves Terminal


lufOn Wednesday, YWN was first to report about a privately chartered flight to Uman that was cancelled just hours before its scheduled departure. Hundreds of people were left without a way to reach Uman. Now, YWN has learned of another incident with an airplane heading to Uman.

Sources tell YWN that at around 4:00PM on Thursday, a Lufthansa Flight from JFK to Uman returned to the gate after it had already started taxiing towards the runway.

It appears that the wing clipped another aircraft as it was being pushed away from the terminal.

All the passengers have since left the aircraft, and are in the process of finding their luggage.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. If you are unwilling to take a sign from the Ebeshter to stay home with your family than I guess you deserve what you get. Don’t expect a personal email from explaining that there are no extra points in beis din shel maalah awarded to those who choose to engage in this annual meshugaas in Uman.

  2. HUSBANDS BELONG AT HOME WITH THEIR FAMILIES. This is already the second sign from Hashem. Take it… And Bochrim belong in yeshiva or at HOME. Good Shabbos and Good Yom Tov.

  3. Wow Im so glad everyone here is so smart to know exactly how to tell people to run their ruchnius life. Im not breslov and never have been to uman but i don’t go around telling people that they shouldn’t go. If their Rebbe said they should go then they should go. Who are you to tell them which yomimtovim and which not to spend with their families, And where they should go when?

  4. Tzadikim say “ven es gait shver trugt men gold” In English this is translated When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Why do you call someone’s growth in yiras shomayim a mishugas. I say its the bal davar getting in the way. We shall overcome.

  5. Rosh Hashana the men are in shul most of the day the wives can do away with much less food preparation – thousands of people that go are not crazy the see big yeshuas. I was there recently it’s something that you feel being there it can’t be explained. If course there are cancelations no smooth sailing

  6. Traveling to tzadikim, especially for erev RH is something which has been done for many years. Reb Nachman Z”L also promised that whomever comes to his kever for RH and says the tikkun, he will personally do everything he could “up there” to defend any transgressions that they may have committed. It’s brought down in the Zohar and in the Gemara that a tzadik’s true power is after his soul leaves this world.
    So answer me this,
    Should someone rather thier husband (or themself) be home or should they rather a promise from a tzadik to intercede on thier behalf before the heavenly courts on one of the most vital days of the year?
    You can answer either way. No ones asking you to go or to send your husbands, but to have the Chutzpa to knock an entire group of JEWS because of something which is clearly too spiritual for you to understand takes a special amount of arrogance.

  7. When yesterday’s flight was canceled, it seemed like a real clear sign. Who ever heard of a flight that is canceled for such odd reasons? After this story however, I am totally convinced that it’s a message to all: “Stay home!”

  8. 1&2: Why the judgement? Love your fellow Jew, don’t judge. Also: How can you be so happy with another person’s pain, even if you disagree?

  9. There weren’t any customs of spending a Yom Tov at a cemetery until this craze, and even now it exists in a single sect.
    While those who live by Reb Nachman’s teachings do what their grandfathers did, what is the heter – yes, heter, for all the others?

  10. 4: Hatred? Because he said people should do A instead of B? That’s not hatred; you’re just using nonsense harsh language against him to try to belittle him in an underhanded way. Be honest. Say you disagree. Don’t call everyone you disagree with a hater.

  11. Reply to No. 13

    If I recall correctly, it was back in November 2012. I’m fairly certain there haven’t been any material changes in the award of OH points since that time. As I noted, even back then, the malachim had issued a travel advisory about Uman.

    (“OH”=Olam Haboah)

  12. I love this,
    Your frum enough to give a psak halacha but apparently not too frum to speak loshon horah 2 days after the chofetz chaim’s yartzeit. Takes some serious lack in yiras shomayim. You may be anonymous on here but come 120 you’ll be in for a shocker. I hope the 50k people who go are Mochel you. L’chaim

  13. No one is saying that we don’t feel their pain, but imagine the pain the wife feels knowing she is alone again on this holy day! The children should be around the table with their father, sharing in the joy of R”H and remembering these days as a means to give it over to their children in the future

  14. There is no heter to go to a cemetery on Yom Tov. There is no heter to not have a Rebbe, some reality of Das Torah who guides you in life. Instead they claim to follow the guidance of a Rebbe, who they call Rabbenu, who died 200 years ago, who allegedly said that if you come to his grave of Rosh Hashanah he will pull you out of Gehenom. And you have to believe IN Rabbenu. You can talk him from beyond the grave. This has no source in Torah.
    This is why all of the great Tzadikim banned their Sefarim and chased them out of their towns.
    Because they prey on Bale Tshuva and have them collect money to make this pilgrimage . Americans who are bored at home hop along.
    People are good but ideas can be wrong and bad.

  15. for all those that are saying “leave them alone theyre just visiting their rebbe for rosh hashana like all chasidim do” i say hell no. the’re going to a cemetery to visit a grave. totally different. no one does that for rosh hashana besides these people. this is not about visiting rebbes this is about some promise for a good year. anyway those in the know are well aware that the grave is empty and he was moved by the goyim like 200 yrs ago. so play on guys.

  16. All you condescending know it alls…if you choose stay home with your families thats great.
    Nobody is interested in your opinion whether people who go do the right thing or not. Get a life.
    If you want to discuss it begin a thread in the coffee room.

  17. Some other ideas:

    Rabbi Frand stated:
    “Someone once posed the following question to the Chazon Ish: He has the option of davening in a shul on Rosh Hashana where he would be able to take his child with him or to daven in a Yeshiva, but since the Yeshiva is so crowded, he would not be able to take his child with him. However, the davening in the Yeshiva is a superior religious experience for the father – it would be a more intense davening and he would have greater kavanah [focus]. The Chazon Ish told him that it is preferable to daven with his child next to him. It is important to show the child how his father cries on the Yomim Noraim [Days of Awe]. This leaves an everlasting impression on the child.”