First-Ever Luxurious Year-Round Hotel Open With 5-Star Kosher Restaurant


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Arlington marks a first. Now, for the first time in the USA, kosher travelers can enjoy a truly complete luxury hospitality experience in New Hampshire all year round. Beyond special Yom Tov programs and one-shot events, Jewish families have grown accustomed to that instinctive feeling of second-class citizen when looking to vacation throughout the year. Not anymore. Even a decadent kosher continental breakfast is included free all year round.

In addition to being a 365-day 360-degree kosher hotel, Arlington is also an affordable luxury for families of any size. While special event coordinators are always forced to pass the steep costs onto patrons, Arlington makes a range of options available to all. Families and individuals can choose any room type from the hotel’s 60 boutique suites, for any number of nights. They can also customize their kosher culinary menu from the famed on-premises Birch Bistro, so no expensive “bundle savings” make their way to the bill.

Large groups are always welcome for simchas or any festive occasion – personal to business. Arlington offers fully custom white-glove event planning, with hosts afforded full control over the hotel’s celebration spaces and renowned kosher cuisine. Single-room booking is available for smaller events at any price level with a rich buffet menu from Birch Bistro. Also on offer is a premium selection of fine kosher wines, and unique kosher cocktails are handcrafted to spec.

At long last, traveling like a Jew can mean vacationing like a mentsch. No need to ship food, negotiate with a temperamental microwave, or eat out of unappetizing cans. Now there’s always kosher gourmet food ready to indulge the entire family, heimishe Shabbos meals served fresh and large, and a full shul and kosher mikvah on premises all year round.


Around peak seasons, such as Chanukah, midwinter and major Jewish holidays,  Arlington will offer an exclusive, all-inclusive program that leaves nothing to pack. Contrary to the year-round schedule, these dates will be blacked out on and on other online booking sites. Families would be indulged in a comprehensive hospitality experience along with exceptional kosher dining included for all meals.


As Arlington continues to set the standard for kosher luxury in the hospitality industry, a shift in the market is to be expected. Kosher travelers will soon have more premium experiences to choose from, and Arlington intends to lead the kosher boutique category.

For reservations and more information inquire at 603-869-7777 or