13 Indictments Against Participants In The ‘Hate Chasunah’


1While authorities investigating the so-called ‘hate chasunah’ announced ten indictments are likely in the case, in actuality, thirteen people have been indicted.

The hate chasunah took place in Yerushalayim in December 2015 and made the news after participants were caught on video dancing while carrying photos of members of the Darawshe family killed in the Duma arson attack as well as waving automatic weapons. Authorities report that five of the people indicted are minors, ages 14-17, and they will face charges of incitement to violence and/or terrorism. The indictments were handed down on Wednesday, 24 Tishrei by the Jerusalem prosecutor in the city’s Magistrate Court.

According to the indictments, the actions of the defendants called for acts of violence or terrorism, in addition to praising, sympathizing and encouraging acts of violence or terrorism, as well as supporting or identifying with such acts. It is added that there is a real possibility that such people would actually carry out such acts of violence and terrorism. The indictment was approved by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in view of the nature of the offenses attributed to the accused.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Sadly more INNOCENT Jews indicted to please the radical left and Arabs while the Arabs who actually set the home on fire and killed the children have never been investigated – for obvious reasons. We need Moshiach now, just to get rid of this awfully corrupt and evil self hating secular court in Israel who hate Jews more than terrorists. And yes, it’s a fact! The Arabs themselves set those Duma homeS on fire, one of which killed people, and Jews are beaten and tortured to confess to something they didn’t do.

  2. Just another sign that the Jews should all come to America where we actually have freedom of speech… How do you like hearing it the other way?

  3. Okay, so then Arabs who praise, sympathize with, or encourage acts of terrorism should also be arrested. Oh, wait, then almost all the Arabs would be in jail? Never mind.