BUSTED! Con-Artist At Gas Station On Palisades Took Advantage Of Orthodox Jews Because Of Their Honesty



An individual who conned many innocent Orthodox Jews was busted by one gutsy Orthodox Jewish victim of his.

The man was working at the gas station on the Palisades Parkway (heading from Monsey towards NYC), and targeted members of the Orthodox Jewish community – specifically because of their honesty.

When the con-man would pump gas for Orthodox Jews, he would tell them that “on Passover one of your guys filled up on gas at this station and told me he forgot his wallet at home so I had to pay for his gas”. The con-man knew very well, that despite that the customer he was filling up did not know the man in his story, Jews are known for their kindness and generosity in charity. His victims simply wanted to make a Kiddush Hashem and to prevent any Chillul Hashem – but instead MANY people gave this individual money and were scammed.

This story spread on social media, and eventually people began realizing that they were not the only victim of this con-man.

A message went viral on social media warning people not to become the next victim.

On Thursday, one brave man holding his cell phone confronted the con-man on video – which can be seen below.

The man at first denied that he was targeting people, and said he only did it to one person. After being pressed by the driver questioning the con-man, he eventually said he was sorry.

It is unknown if the man was fired from his job, but please be aware of this incident if you are travelling on the Palisades Parkway.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Yes!
    He’s the one! He’s the one! He looked so honest! He’s a putrid, rotten person!
    I was one of his victims and it goes back, for sure, to before Pysach! Who knows how many people he got since then?

  2. Come on! Leave him alone. He works hard & happens to be a pleasent guy. Maybe we should go after all the gypsy’s walking around our jewish communities inc all over Boro Park & Flatbush begging for money. They dress themselves in traditional garb & walk around with young children. They are nasty too. Its a huge buisness. They arrive in a large van & split up all over the neighborhoods. Lets get rid of these jokers that take advantage of so many.

  3. First of all, how could anybody believe his story, it’s almost חנוכה and he was collecting $20 he supposedly laid out for a Frum איד, Pesach time! Secondly, let’s have a little אידעשע רחמניות, the guy looks like he used the stolen money on basics.

  4. If you ever shop at Pomegranate on Coney Island ave there is always Goytes and goyinm begging dollars for Shabbos Koydesh .I saw one of them driving on shabbos .
    They all know that a yiddishe heart ismalways OPEN and they take advantage.
    In the other hand there is a saying from heilige Divrei chaim of Sanz: That you have to give 1000 preetes Tzedukeh that ONE should reach the real needy.