PHOTOS: Ministry Hands Over Funding To Rebuild Givat Ze’ev Shul




Director-General of the Ministry of Religious Services Oded Flus on Sunday 26 Cheshvan met with the head of the Givat Ze’ev Local Council and presented him with a guarantee for NIS 5.2 million to rebuilt the Ayelet HaShachar Shul in the community which was dismantled. The shul was not chas v’sholom destroyed in the recent tragic fires around Israel, but it was dismantled by the state, once again after the High Court of Justice ruled it was built illegally over 20 years ago, on private Arab land.

Agreement was reached by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and relevant parties about a year ago by which the shul will be dismantled and rebuilt by the government on undisputed land.

Minister of Religious Services David Azoulai planned to attend the event but was in Haifa, participating in the special weekly cabinet meeting held in the norther city in a showing of solidarity following the major fires and destruction.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Minister of Religious Services spokesman unit)


  1. The high court’s ruling was akin to a court in today’s Iran, or yesteryear’s Sedom, judging between an Iranian goy and a Jew, or a Sedomite and a guest.
    The property was bought off the arab and the bill of sale was produced in court yet the arab was a family dispute and his cousin claimed that he was a part owner too and he doesn’t want money – he wants shul gone, and under no circumstances would he accept monetary renumeration and the high court of kangaroos agreed! The pro arabic position, or anti chareidi position, of the so-called high court cannot be described in words.