Israel District Court: One May Not Hold One’s Phone While Driving Or Busy Oneself With A Phone Held In Hands-Free Device


1The Jerusalem District Court last week ruled in the case of a driver that the operator of a motor vehicle may not hold a cellphone in his hand. The driver’s license was suspended for 14 days and he was fined NIS 1,500.

The driver’s defense was he took the phone out of his pocket where it bothered him and he was not using in in any way. The court explained traffic law prohibits holding a phone regardless if one is making use of it or not for one is required to hold the steering wheel with both hands.

The court explained there is no need to explain or prove the phone was not in use for as soon as a driver holds a phone s/he is guilty.

The court explained the law was intended to prevent use of the device and although originally written referring to calls and text messages, the law progresses automatically to refer to all uses of the phone whatever that may be since all functions distract a driver from driving. This is true even if the device is not in a driver’s hands but in the hands-free device.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)