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Miracles in our Times: Rabbi Tzion Menachem Coming to Town


By Dovid Grossman

Rabbi Tzion Menachem, a world renowned Mekubal from Eretz Yisroel, will be arriving in New York to meet with people who are seeking guidance and assistance in numerous matters.  He meets people facing all sorts of difficulties and gives them chizuk, strengthening them and thus enabling them to face challenges.  Whether it is children who are off-the-derech, issues of marriage or parnassa, Rav Menachem seems to give consistent and solid direction and advice that many people understand as truly miraculous.

Aside from being a Mekubal, Rav Menachem is a Rav in Elad where he has a shul and a  Kollel Choshain Mishpat where his students study to be dayanim.  Rav Menachem is an extraordinary Talmid Chachom as well as a great Mekubal and Tzaddik.

Rav Menachem has also authored a commentary on shaar ruach hakodesh of Rav Chaim Vital’s  classic Kabbalistic work entitled “Etz Chaim.”  Rav Menachem had studied under the great Kabbalistic luminaries of our generation,  HaRav Yoseph Dayan zt”l and HaRav Mordechai Sharabi zt”l.

It is said that virtually everyone who merits to see him and receives his advice, whether it has to do with medical issues, business issues, family matters or anything else – is so impressed that they recommend Rav Menachem to ten friends.

The following is a typical letter and experience.  It was written by the son of a very famous Askan:

Around two years ago my bas yechidah began experiencing discomfort with her legs. I won’t go into detail but we constantly visited doctors to no avail.  As time went on her condition worsened.  At the end of last year her legs began buckling.  This became a regular occurrence and she got used to it happening.

This is when my story begins; In mid May 2015 on a Sunday when my daughter stumbled into our house crying. A heaviness had crept into her legs and by the time she got home she lost sensation in some parts and had little in the rest.  I hurriedly took her to the doctor. After countless hours we knew she needed the hospital.

She spent 15 hours undergoing tests with no results. There was nothing visibly wrong with her and the doctors said it was probably a one time thing.

Fast forward. The next day my daughter buckled and she fell down a large flight of stairs. I knew she couldn’t go on like this and hurried to another hospital. We spent a week there. In the beginning it was nerve racking knowing that my daughter might have a serious illness. But I knew that it wasn’t in my hands.

After the first few days we all breathed a sigh of relief when all serious issues were ruled out, however we were still anxious about the fact that her legs were still numb and developed a numbness in her arm. At the end of a long week with no answers, we had only one more test which would be done as an outpatient.

My daughter left the hospital in a wheelchair. That’s when my father-in-law called me to ask for my daughter’s full name. About a half hour after we came home my father-in-law called me again. He had spoken to Rav Tzion Menachem shlit”a, a Rav and Rosh Kollel from Elad, a city in Eretz Yisroel.

He told us that we had closed a window in our home 2 years ago and that is what caused all the problems. With shock we recalled that most certainly we had left a hole in the wall but we had stuccoed on our home two years ago and sure enough the hole which once was, was no longer.

With bated breath I quickly called someone down to drill a hole in my wall. Unbelievably very soon after the hole was drilled my daughter started gasping and crying as the sensation began returning to her legs. With tears streaming down our faces I together with my family watched her stand up and walk on her own.

The gratitude and feelings of shevach v’hodaah to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for sending us such a shaliach are indescribable.

Rabbi Tzion Menachem Shlit”a will be available in New York from November 10th-21st. For an appointment please call: 347-834-3677

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