Yair Lapid To Peace Now: Where Is A Minimum Of Respect For The Dead?


Lapid speaks during a Yesh Atid party meeting, at the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, in JerusalemYesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid sent a letter to Peace Now requesting the organization approve delaying the destruction of the memorial to two IDF fallen heroes, located in the community of Elazar. Lapid calls on the radical left-wing organization to have a minimum of respect for the dead.

The memorial is for Lt.-Colonel Emanuel Moreno HY”D and Lt. Asher Ezra HY”D. located in the Netiv HaAvot neighborhood of Yishuv Elazar. The High Court of Justice heard a Peace Now petition and a number of months ago, ruled the memorial was indeed built on private Arab land and therefore, it must be destroyed along with illegal buildings in the same area. the building destruction deadline is in 2018. Israel is asking to extend the deadline for the memorial to 2018 as well, to permit moving the memorial rather than destroying it. Peace Now to date has refused to the requested extension.

Lapid questions “what is the burning issue” that compels the destruction immediately when it can wait and spare the pain to the families and show a minimum of respect for the nation’s fallen heroes. Both officers were killed in the line of duty.

Lapid questions how persons who “do not cease to speak about human rights close their eyes and hearts in the face of this emotional humanistic issue” to delay carrying out the destruction.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The שלום עכשיו members are true idiots. They should be destroying Arafat’s memorial at Ramallah, since he has been offered everything he wanted and asked for, except, of course, the dissolution of Israel itself, and walked away from the table, leaving the lefties Clinton and Rabin thoroughly chagrined.
    The Left has truly no direction, especially when confronted with what is right.

  2. It is beyond comprehension how a group like that can still open their mouth. They should have been killed or at least locked up for treason!!

    The all have a Din of rodeif!

    It’s truly shocking! The government bare responsibility for this, they are not protecting their citizens from evil rodfim like the left.