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PHOTO: This Lakewood Cleaning Lady Stole Her Employer’s Jewelry; Police Believe There May Be Additional Victims

lpA woman working as a cleaning lady at a Lakewood home, has been arrested and charged for stealing her employer’s jewelry, and selling it.

On Thursday morning, Detective Chase Messer arrested and charged 31-year-old Guadalup Menses Gomez, of Toms River, with theft.

“Ms. Gomez was suspected of committing a theft while employed as a cleaning lady at an Attaya Road home earlier this week,” Detective Lieutenant Greg Staffordsmith said.

“During the course of his investigation he determined that she has been regularly selling jewelry at area pawn shops since July of this year.”

Staffordsmith added, “We have reason to believe their may be other victims who are still unaware that a theft has been committed against them.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Chase Messer at 732-363-0200 ext. 5348.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

6 Responses

  1. The very word “illegal” means law-breaking.
    Hiring an obvious habitual law breaker, who is doing something illegal every second of being in this country, and expecting her to suddenly respect property laws and to resist the urge to steal is silly, at best, and aiding and abetting, at worst.
    Save a few bucks and lose thousands is what the stupidity of hiring “undocumented” river-waders and road runners amounts to.

  2. To commenter no. 1, MarccoH: Where in this article does is say anything about this woman’s breaking the law every minute that she is in this country? Is that your way of saying she is an illegal alien? And how do you know that? And poli. analy., commenter no. 2, how could you think commenter 1 was even half right.

    And to the rest of you, why do you think you can leave jewelry unprotected when you hire people to enter your homes and do not pay them a living wage. I don’t pay a living wage either, but I have the sense to lock up the valuables.

  3. Good point Marccoh, instead of hiring, do it yourself and you will find that keeping your house is much easier than you believe, and especially if you have children, give them chores, and perhaps small awards for doing so!

  4. Huju,
    I simply cannot believe that such a righteous and liberal person as yourself openly admits to exploiting poor people, legal or not (you probably don’t really care about this point, as long as the price is right), by not paying them a living wage. That is truly deplorable.
    You also seem to have high regard for their integrity, as you lock up your valuables before they enter your premises.
    The difference between my approach and yours is simple – I call the illegals their proper terms, do not trust them, and do not hire them.
    You obscure their status to feel better about hiring them, you also do not trust them, yet you take advantage of their “undocumented” existence and pay them less than they need to survive on.
    I bet you voted for Hillary.

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