SHOCKING: Elderly Woman Nearly Dies In Boro Park After NYPD Fails To Respond To Emergency For SEVEN HOURS


66pctAn elderly woman could have died on Monday, after Police in Brooklyn failed to respond to repeated calls to check on her for SEVEN HOURS on Monday.

Sources tell YWN that a woman in Westchester County hadn’t heard from her elderly relative, promoting her to call the desk at the 66 Precinct in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn . The woman called the Precinct at around 11:00AM and told the officer who answered that she is worried about her elderly relative, and they should have someone check on her. She was told that Police would be dispatched.

When she didn’t hear back from them, and was still unable to reach the elderly woman, she called the Precinct back at around 5:00PM. Police told the caller they would be checking on her right away.

Feeling very uneasy, the woman then called the Misaskim hotline and informed them of the story. A volunteer was immediately dispatched to the woman’s home. Finding the door locked and not being able to enter the apartment, Misaskim called 911.

The FDNY arrived along with the NYPD and broke the door down. They found the elderly woman lying on the floor. At first an FDNY EMT wanted to pronounce the woman dead, but she was seen moving her arm.

She was transported to Maimonides Hospital, where she is currently being treated for severe dehydration and is breathing on her own. She had been lying on the floor for a few days and miraculously survived.

Community leaders are outraged at the way Police responded, and are demanding that action be taken and an investigation be launched.

Unfortunately, earlier this month (on December 1st), YWN reported that a husband wasn’t notified that his wife was seriously injured in a serious accident in New Jersey. At the time, YWN didn’t mention the police department which failed to make the timely and urgent notification – but we can now inform you that it was the same precinct. The 66 Precinct which covers Boro Park, Kensington and parts of Midwood / Flatbush. That incident took TEN HOURS to notify the husband, despite being contacted by the NJ State Police.

Police refused to give a statement regarding the latest incident, but said it’s being looked into.

(Charles Gross -YWN)


  1. The 66th precinct is the least busy precinct in the entire city, a dream job for a cop. The only thing they have to do is occasionally block the streets for a הכנסת ספר תורה!

  2. Yes! The 66 pct. has slipped tremendously in their community relationship over the course of these past 18 months or so. Likely that recent scandel is to blame. Their attitude and attention has not been what it used to be! They’re in need of CPR – their very logo, Commitment, Professionalism and Respect

  3. This is not real news. Every resident of the area knows that it is futile to even try to call the local pct. The only job they do 100% is giving moving violations. New Utrecht Ave is a Commercial parking lot with trucks and buses parked there every night. The pct refuses to respond to take care of this problem. You see they are very busy doing paperwork. So long as we keep voting in the liberals crime, decay and being lax on the law will be the order of the day. and yes they will continue to hassle the common citizens with fines..

  4. With all my respect to the police, there is a serious delay in responding to calls. Police claim this is due to cutting the number of officers, but I’m not entirely convinced. Listening to police scanners will reveal many, many calls that are ignored for long times. Often when the call is finally taken, the issue is no longer existent. I personally heard an officer responding to “person(s) smoking marijuana outside a building”. Officers responded 4 hours later. Obviously, those people were no longer there.

  5. And now StreetGate! Half of bp was blocked off this morning for a couple of hrs for a water main rupture on 1 corner. The entire vicinity of 66 pct was cordoned off as if there was a terror threat or a party going on there. Buses couldn’t pick up kids, people couldn’t get to work. Tell me they don’t have enough police. They have enough manpower but not enough will power! They don’t have any quality officers interested in law and ORDER. Bogus tickets are their professionalism. “tell that to the judge” is what their answer is. They know your word against theirs, they win.

  6. In no way can the 66 be considered a busy precinct. I rarely even see routine patrols in the 66. They totally ignore all day double parking of trucks in Kensignton and there have been trucks without plates parked on some blocks for months at a time.

  7. You are only supposed to call the local precinct regarding police reports. If you want a police response you are supposed to call 911. The person who takes the call does not have the right to dispatch any officers. She probably spoke to a new trainee who didn’t know this and didn’t know how to call back either.