The Same Hebrew University Faculty That Refused A Mechitzah But Accommodated Ramadan Now Hosts An Xmas Tree R”L


8On Monday 19 Kislev at noon R”L, participants gathered on the Hebrew University campus to light their Xmas tree. This is the same department, the law school, that refused to accommodate frum students seeking a mechitzah but was fine accommodating Ramadan for Muslims.

The student union of the law school put the word out on Facebook, inviting all to take part in lighting their tree to celebrate the birthday of Yeshu, speaking of a message of “love and peace throughout the world”.

Hebrew University response: “The Hebrew University attaches great importance to a person’s right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion within its walls. Institute an Israeli academic, leads, international and multicultural promotes university values ​​of equality among all religions and allows freedom of action in this area while maintaining public order, University rules and laws of the State of Israel.”

YWN-ISRAEL: The above “freedom of religion” did not seem to apply when religious girls were asking to have a mechitzah in line with their religious beliefs.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. No comparison.
    This small-scale event is sponsored by an Arab Xtian law students organization, who are celebrating their xtian religious holiday. It is only for those who are comfortable with it.

    It parallels Channukah events sponsored by Jewish students organizations, with candle lighting, brochos, divrei Torah, etc, and no one objecting.

    The mechitza request was for an official event for the ENTIRE student body, some of whom wanted a mechitza and some of whom considered it offensive and opposed it.

  2. Yes… live in American and complain about what is happening in Eretz Yisroel.You don’t like it? Come here and help us make things better.

  3. The goal of zionism was never to show hostility to the goyim, but rather to be an “Am Hofshi”, a people freed from the yoke of Torah. This is quite consistent with zionism and is to be expected at a zionist university.

  4. 3 – Thank you for accuracy in reporting that is why Reb Noah Weinberg zt”l established HONEST REPORTING, since most posts are hearsay, personal editorials or just plan nonsense to fan anger and discrimination.