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Additional Info And Images From The Scene of the Fatal Bus Accident in Shomron


As reported earlier, an Egged 461 bus went off a cliff, falling some 400 meters into the wadi in the Binyamin Regional Council of the Shomron near Maale Levona. Maale Levona is located on the “old Route 60” in the Gush Shilo area, situated atop of a mountain.

The road to the community is a dangerous winding one that winds down the mountain. Inclement weather conditions may have contributed to the fatal accident that has claimed numerous lives as Magen David Adom, Hatzoloh Yosh, United Hatzalah, Zaka, and fire rescue operate on the scene in conjunction with the IDF.

The Air Force’s 669 aerial rescue was activated early on when first responders realized the magnitude of the disaster as well as the difficulties involved in rescuing people from the wadi.

Magen David Adom declared a “multi-casualty incident”, activating units from many areas.

Menachem Leff, Head of the Binyamin region of United Hatzalah said “This is a very difficult situation in which one bus has fallen off of a cliff and dropped some 400 meters into the wadi below. United Hatzalah first responders who arrived at the scene have requested that lighting be brought, as well as search and rescue crews, fire rescue crews and helicopters be dispatched in order to help reach those on the bus. Due to the extreme nature of the incident, volunteers have also been dispatched from the Jerusalem and Shomron chapters of United Hatzalah.”

As seen in some of the photos, the IDF has illuminated the area to enable rescuers to operate on the scene on this cold, windy night accompanied with heavy rain.

Rescue workers are combing the area in the event persons were thrown from the bus. Others are preparing heavy equipment to flip the bus to make certain there is no one underneath R”L.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. This article says 400 meters, the earlier article and other sources say 70 meters. Clearly, we’re not talking about a 400 meter drop (that’s the height of the Empire State Building).

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