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Unspeakable Tragedy Strikes Moshav Migdal R’L on Shabbos


There are no words of comfort for the families and the community following the unspeakable events that occurred in Moshe Migdal near Tiveria on this past Shabbos.

Natan Atiya 10, explains to family and neighbors on the horrific incident and how he managed to escape being killed in a neighbor’s home on Shabbos. He played dead until an opportunity presented itself, fleeing via a window with his knife wounds, thereby saving his life.

He and his brother Nachman had Shabbos lunch at the neighbor’s home. Nachman and the others R”L were less fortunate as Mrs. Dor Sela (23) and her children Yosef (22 months) and Binyamin (8 months) were murdered by their dad as was Nachman Atiya, 11. Natan was saved by the trauma team at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa and is now listed in moderate condition.

Natan told police he played dead until the father who knifed everyone left the home and then he fled. “I knew that he had murdered my brother” he added, aware of what took place at the neighbor’s home. The father was found in the bushes not far from the scene by police.

Magen David Adom received the call at 2:48PM on Shabbos afternoon. EMTs and paramedics were dispatched to the scene. They found the mom with her children at her side but it was too late to assist them or Nachman. They were all pronounced dead at the scene. Natan was evacuated to the trauma center by chopper, saving his life.

In the video, Mr. Atiya explains how he learned that Natan wounded and he later came to understand that Nachman was among the murdered. He added “He was a tzaddik”, citing he decided to recite all of Tehillim on Shabbos Rosh Chodesh and he began on Friday night and completed it in shul before heading to lunch.

There is a gag order for seven days on any and all other information pertaining to the investigation.


1: The father, who is in police custody

2: Nachman z”l

3: Mrs. Sela with Yosef and Binyamin z”l

4: Zaka operating on the scene

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos & video: via Media Resource Group)

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  1. A generation or two ago the observant community seemed to be immune to producing crimes of violence. It is so tragic that this immunity has been breached a number of times recently. Perhaps we are allowing cracks to develop in the wall that protects us from the influence of the outside society. What an enormous tragedy for the families and all of Klal Yisroel!

  2. This might be the most confusing, convoluted-written story I’ve ever read. It is more than difficult to get through and understand.

    Anyone there proofreading the submissions?

  3. #1 These crimes of violence are 99.99% not from chareidi communities. They’re from BTs educated in violent public schools. This father is sadly another example of the public school education system.

  4. Reply to Arye:
    “#1 These crimes of violence are 99.99% not from chareidi communities. They’re from BTs educated in violent public schools. This father is sadly another example of the public school education system.”

    Arye, you have a very strong criticism of baalei tshuva. If this is indeed the truth, what should we do? If Chareidi born chareidim are at fault in just one out of 10,000 cases, as you claim, obviously we don’t have to worry about them committing these horrific crimes. But baalei tshuva are 99.99% Jewish. No, wait, they’re 100% Jewish. So we need to love them as much as any other Jew. Or Chareidi. Or whatever label you want to paint part of “amcha” with. So we need to come up with a loving solution, not just criticism.
    So Arye, what’s your solution?

  5. Re: Arye, these crimes are never committed by chareidim as the way you paint the picture is that if they were chareidi, then since they did the crime they are no longer chareidi, therefore chareidim never commit crimes.
    P.S. This doesn’t work in chassidic/extremist communities as the guy would remain a chareidi because the crime was never committed!!

  6. #6 I wasn’t critical of BTs in general but responding to the inaccurate comment of #1 who was trying to be pc. Of course BTs are 100% Jewish and we love them as much as other Jews. But you cannot deny the truth that the crimes of violence among chareidim most of the time is the product of the violent education they received as kids (and the rest of the percentage are from those FFBs who threw Hashem out of their lives). The solution is the education minister who, instead of worrying about core subject for chareidim, should worry about the violence and lawlessness in their public schools.

  7. #7 You have no proof to what you’re saying. If you go through history you’ll see that criminal murderers are either BTs who learned in violent PS, OTDs or self-hating secular Jews.

  8. To no.4 – the father is not a BT, the murdered wife was. Before jumping into conclusions, we need to wait for the psychiatric evaluation. The father was learning in a kollel full time, and the neighbours felt totally comfortable sending their kids to him for a Shabbat meal. So we are probably looking at a person with a psychotic break or perhaps even schizophrenia- it is just too early to tell. I would be very surprised to learn that this is “domestic violence” or a “rage crime”.

  9. I can not fathom how anyone could be so sick to commit such a horrific act. I cant stop crying! Such innocent children and wife!! My prayer is that all people who need help get it , before performing any horrific attacks like this!

  10. Re: Arye, chareidim do commit crimes (there are plenty of blogs that publicise them) but you won’t hear about most of them as they usually involves cover ups/intimidation/mesira so that it should not become public. Your reply proves my point, as I wrote earlier anyone who commits a violent crime is not considered a chareidi. Or in chassidic/extremist communities they are chareidi but the crime was never committed. Some chareidim have an excuse for everything, either the guy is a BT, or he’s OTD, and if it’s impossible that he’s a BT or OTD, then he’s ill. And if it cant be they’re ill then the crime didn’t happen. Do you know that most chareidim are ill? Between depression, immorality, schizophrenia, abusive, OCD, anxiety etc. These are all illnesses. So everyone’s ill. Excuses. As #10 has said, it seems he’s not a BT and learns in kollel. My personal opinion of what MIGHT have happened was that he was suffering from some psychological disorder and either sought help but it wasn’t enough to help him or he didn’t seek help as there is as stigma attached. Also, 95% of people who go OTD are due to abuse usually at home or in school (a psychologist confirmed this – no I don’t have a stigma of saying I went to a psychologist but some people do). And remember these are Frum homes and schools where the abuse took place since if we’re talking about non-frum homes and schools then the guy is already an OTD or BT to begin with. So for every guy who is an OTD, there are chareidi abusers. When I mentioned abuse I’m talking about all types including emotional abuse. So don’t be so proud that chareidim don’t commit crimes (which is a blatant lie) and all jewish crimes are either BT or OTD, since for 95% of OTD crimes there is a chareidi abuser who caused this guy to become OTD.
    I’m a born and bred chareidi, with no BT grandparents for many generations. What would be your excuse if I committed this crime? I’m and BT?, wrong, I’m OTD?, but I was chareidi until I committed the crime? (see my earlier post). I’m ill? Every guy who commits such a crime whether they’re jewish or not is ill. You think non-Jews commit these crime but aren’t ill? What is your definition of ill may I ask?

  11. #2 is right
    Who is the Killer? The Father or the Neighbors Father?

    The Father Killed and yet came back to say that his Son was a Tzadik and said Tillim? huh!

    Are we missing something?

    here is the correct story
    האב החשוד שדקר למוות את אשתו בת ה-23 דור כרסנטי, ילדיו בנימין (בן שמונה חודשים) ויוסף (בן שנה ועשרה חודשים) והבן של השכנים נחמן עתיה (בן 11).

  12. Re: Arye, You blame it on him being a BT, then you find out he might not be a BT, so you now have to blame it on the home he was raised in, supposing you find out he was raised in a chareidi home, will you still search for something to blame it on? If yes, then i’m wasting my time replying to you as it’s like quenching thirst with salt water.

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