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Sefer Torah Stolen From Lakewood Yeshiva – $5,000 Reward Being Offered For Its Return

stA Sefer Torah was stolen from a Lakewood Cheder over Shabbos.

The owner of the Sefer Torah tells YWN that the Sefer Torah was inside a safe at the time – and that the safe was stolen with the Sefer Torah still inside of it from Yeshiva Toras Zeev located at 1000 Cross Street.

Lakewood Police have been investigating the theft since it was discovered missing shortly after Shabbos.

Since then, the reward has grown to $5000 for the return of the Sefer Torah, or information leading to the return – no questions asked.

The Sefer Torah can be returned to the school building, or be brought to Police Headquarters, located at 231 3rd Street, Lakewood. Information can be called in to the LPD at 732-363-0200, as well as to LCSW at 732-367-1212.

The $5,000 will be rewarded immediately.

Attached is a photo of the actual Sefer Torah.

(Dov Gefen – With reporting by TLS)

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