WATCH: Liberals Issue Call To Action Against Trump Refugee Order



  1. Travelers from certain countries absolutely have the risk of including terrorists. It sounds broadbrush to take radical action. But the extreme opposite has empowered terrorists to commit acts of terror inside US. That existed under the previous administration. There was never an 8 year period with so many incidents on our shores. Trump needs to put a stop to this. He tried. Democrats didn’t, and their PC nonsense dictates to them to not take measures for our safety.

    But the protesters who carry the anti-Trump banner, who all suffer from ATOS (Anti-Trump Obsessional Syndrome) carry an even greater risk of violent, even criminal behavior. This was witnessed by the Hillary supporters throughout the campaign, and by nearly all the anti-Trump protests since then. As horrified as many of us were when Obama took office, and his 8 years of supporting terror, fighting Israel, cramming Obamacare down America’s throats, pardoning every black and Muslim violent criminal, flooding the country with executive orders to circumvent Congress, to the frank and open lying, to prioritizing partisan politics to the safety of America, no one took to the streets. No one burned police cars, looted stores, mugged innocent people on the street, or made crime a government approved activity.

    I think protesters who exercise their rights are fine. But once the violence begins, they should be arrested and incarcerated for a year before facing trial. This Democrat anarchy is rebellion, and needs to be quashed with major force.

  2. More important is SCOTUS !

    If The President picks a moral choice than it packages all his executive actions , even harsh ones, as part of something Bigger

    Merrick Garland was stubbornly blocked for a whole year
    Make sure it’s not a waste and that the nominee will be more comparable to the previous holder of the Seat

    If not?!

    Then all these actions are will just go down as crude ethnofascism

  3. Quite interesting rivalry among brothers! The issue became a Muslim issue because of the terror those countries have promoted and the terror that emerges from those countries! It’s about keeping America safe! The religion that espouses kill all who aren’t one of your own, jihad, kill Americans, kill Israelis, kill, kill, kill do not deserve to be here! If you want to call it a ban on muslims, that’s fine! But as the advertisement for Nike goes, JUST DO IT!

  4. Liberals like the Koch brothers.

    The little I know (what an ironic name), all of the terrorist attacks in the U.S. in recent years have been perpetrated by U.S. citizens or permanent residents.