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PHOTOS: NYS Sheriff’s Association Celebrates 75 Years Serving NYS

[Click HERE for photos] Carl E. DuBois President, New York State Sheriffs’ Association released the following statement to YWN following the NYS Sheriff Association Dinner held last week, where Rabbi Abe Friedman, NYS Homeland Security liaison was honored:

2010 will be a year of many challenges, a year that we must be attentive to critical issues on the national level, and most importantly to our home state of New York. As President of the New York State Sheriff’s Association, it will be my responsibility to keep a finger on the many facets of the criminal justice system, especially those that affect the office of Sheriff, one of the few offices designated under our State Constitution. Keeping up with the daily changes within a very comprehensive criminal justice system is especially challenging.  Formalizing and supporting new legislation and updating existing legislation is an on-going process, coordinated by our Legislative Committee and Association Counsel. Our Association is a revered voice within the Albany halls of government, as we strive to support legislation that will help all New Yorkers and help the operation of Sheriffs’ Offices statewide.  Another important area is training of our Sheriffs, Command Staff, and rank and file. There are two constants in law enforcement: change, and training to keep up with that change.  Our Sheriffs are strong advocates of training, committed to keeping our staff current, and further, offering that training to other law enforcement agencies. That is one of the reasons why the Sheriffs’ Association sponsors our accreditation and training programs available to every county in New York State: to provide the best possible training and best practices so that our Sheriffs’ Offices deliver consistently professional services to the public in the most efficient manner possible. And, that is why we are in constant touch with our State agencies, such as the Department of Criminal Justice Services, the State Commission of Correction, the State Department of Correctional Services, the State Civil Service Department – to name just a few – to make sure that our county governments receive all the help that is available.
It has almost been ten years since September 11, 2001, and our Sheriffs, along with all levels of law enforcement, regularly meet via the 16 Statewide Counter-Terrorism Zones, along with other venues. Intelligence, processes, methods of operation, and equipment are shared and exchanged to better protect our communities. The terror climate in our world today has Sheriffs along with all law enforcement constantly preparing for something we hope never happens. Within this framework, we are also looking for ways to better utilize these tools, with an emphasis on finances and the economy. It is our goal to work with the law enforcement entities in New York State -be it village, town, state or federal responders- to provide the best and most cost effective service to the people of New York State.
Being an active member and office holder of the New York State Sheriff’s Association over the past seven years, I see our 58 Sheriffs as models of integrity, credibility, and professionalism, truly interested in their exponential duties, which varies from county to county. They are all truly an amazing mosaic of creativity and innovation, aimed at how they can best serve their communities.
As elected officers, Sheriffs are accountable to the residents of our State, and we take our obligation to provide you with best public safety services very seriously. The badge we wear displays the New York State Seal that contains the word “Excelsior”, meaning higher, ever upward. Americans, especially New Yorkers, are known to be at their very best, when times are at the very worst. We hope you will be to join us in this effort.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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