New Yorkers To Vote On School Budgets


It’s decision day for hundreds of school districts and hundreds of thousands of voters across New York State. For many Long Island homeowners, it’s a choice between rising property taxes or teacher layoffs, larger classes and fewer after-school activities.

For the first time in six years, school districts across Long Island and across New York State will be holding budget votes Tuesday even though they don’t know how much state aid they’ll be getting, since Albany is way behind schedule in passing the state budget.

Governor Paterson said he expects many school budgets will be rejected because voters are saying public spending must be cut and tough decisions must be made. “People will be very surprised when the public, not the Legislature, not the governor, but the public votes down those plans saying ‘spend less money,’ saying ‘you can’t spend money you don’t have’,” he said.

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  1. The tough decisions nobody will bring up is that there are many hundreds more school districts than needed. There is no reason why there should be 127 school districts in Nassau and Suffolk counties when the entire state of Maryland, with a larger population, gets by perfectly well with 24. The economies of scale are huge and school district consolidation would result in substantially reduced tax burdens from the elimination of administrative overhead.

  2. Well since the Teachers union is doing more harm then good
    anyway with their radical feminist and anti American garbage along with the lack of basic math and reading skills that so many students do not get as they should, I say cut the teachers.

    The students will be far better off for it.
    Switch to private schools or home schooling where the kids will learn far more and better and the taxes does not have to keep rising to keep funding the Anti American politically correct, liberal agenda.