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Chabad Celebrates: ‘Zeks un Ninetziker’ Now Legal in NY

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A prohibition era law banning the sale of alcohol stronger then 160 proof in New York has been lifted on the 1st of this month. Zeks un Ninetziker, also known as Raineh Mashke, Tzav or rubbing alcohol, is 192 proof/96 percent strength alcohol that is one of the staples at just a handful of Shabbos Kiddushim and Farbrenges in 770 and around Crown Heights.

This past Shabbos Pinchus ‘Pinto’ Greenberg walked into the Farbrengen which takes place in the small Zal of upstairs 770 and announced that “Nisbatla Hagzairah!” [the decree has been lifted], and they no longer have to travel to New Jersey to purchase their coveted Rineh Mashke!

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  1. I find it really reprehensible that The Yeshiva World would post this story celebrating the fact that a more potent alcoholic drink is now available.

    There are enough horror stories in our community with substance abuse that those that make these decisions should really know better.

    There are many underage people that view this website and are not old enough or mature enough to realize the implications of drinking such materials.

    Also, The Yeshiva World is also reporting that various people broke state law by ilegally importing alcoholic beverages into the state without paying the proper taxes. In other words, you are also celebrating tax cheats. Why is this any different than the Hezbolla affiliates who are selling Bootleg Cigarretes from North Carolina to take advantage of cheap tax rates.

    There is so much wrong here. As the old generation would say, “Its really a shanda”.

  2. i live in Crown Heights & I have to say, I’m not impressed with this. Why the euphoria? This gut-rot is not something I want my family drinking. Diet coke works for me.


  3. You guys are a bunch of party pooping old fogeys. Mashke was a way of life in Russia for Chabad. For these past years Chabad has had to “make do” with 80 or 100 proof vodka. BH der eibishter was mi’vatel the gezeiroh and once again will Chabad be able to sing Nye Szuritzi chloptszi. Personally I was happier hearing that Glenmorangie has an OU but to each his own. Bh that on the day that the Rebbe Ramash zuhl zein gezunt yechi hamelech came to America, America realized its foolishness and was matir asurim. Didon Notzach.

  4. What is the chachma in this?
    Why not just drink gasoline?!?
    If you’re trying to kill yourself, gasoline is faster!
    Are these guys trying to prove how mucho macho they are?

    Bottom line, if you’re drinking this poison, I recommend putting your name on the list NOW for a liver transplant.
    You WILL be needing it, and sooner than you think!

  5. to those who are afraid that kids will drink this stuff i say log off now from ywn because kids might log on…

  6. If you’re going to publish this, you ought to at least clarify that RUBBING ALCOHOL IS POISONOUS. It can be bought in drugstores, supermarkets, etc., and is completely different than drinking alcohol. How many naive people may read this and actually think they can drink it?

    In addition, my understanding of why 192 proof alcohol is illegal in many states is that since it is twice as strong as most alcoholic drinks, it is possible to drink enough to kill or seriously hurt you before you even realize how drunk you are. Every year across the US, there are college students and others who die from drinking this (another name for it is Everclear). If you hold a match nearby, it will burst into flame. I understand you can even run your car on it. You really want to put it into the body Hashem gave you?

  7. Thank you RS Monsey – YWN what exactly is the goal of your web site? Can you honestly say that you have hadracha from rabanim. Of what value was the above article? You would do the yeshiva world a great service by shutting down. The comments are often filled with lashon hara or words of sinas chinom, and the topics of the articles reported on reflect poorly on yeshivah people. I’ll be logging in for the last time.

  8. #10 You gave a good reason why is should be legal.
    The way the liberals are ruining this country and attacking the oil industry, gasoline will be so expensive that this will be the alternative, to run your car on.

  9. A bunch of party poopers, with long faces.
    Go to ta tish or farbreng , mach a l’chaim and cheer up.
    Besides the comments from some sound like you’ve been drinking.
    1)To compare this tohezbollah?
    2) And i stam dont believe passing through is logging off. (too bad for him that he cant even answer- because then we’ll know he logged on- unless he changes names.)
    3) If you drink diet coke, then you shouldn’t comment.
    *) As far as boys drinking, i see plenty of teenage drunks at kideishim and chasenehs they dont need 96.
    BTW Calling lubab’s not thinking or not 100% is sinas chinom.

  10. BS”D

    Because 96% is “reine mashke” it is actually LESS intoxicating and far less apt to cause hangovers when consumed by THOSE WHO CAN HANDLE IT (usually men who have the minhag of using mashke for kiddush, which is wrong but has never been stamped out). It has its place – Purim, Simchas Torah, special kiddushim etc among responsible people, in reasonable amounts, and under clear control.

    “96” should NEVER be left around for general consumption or given to teens or children.

    And yes, because of all the colleges in NY, I am surprised it was legalized – but NY was just losing tax revenue because those who wanted it were getting it from neighboring states or from Canadian and Mexican duty free.

    28 Sivan was the day the Rebbe ZYA came to the US. June 1 was 19 Sivan.

  11. At higher than 96% strength, ethanol (the alcohol that can be consumed) picks up water from the air until it is back to 96%. Steps can be taken in the laboratory if needed to remove the water, but for all practical purposes, 96% is as strong as it can get.
    It’s pretty useful for making herbal extracts. Pretty foolish to drink.

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