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Yerushalayim Beis Din Cancels Lalum Agreement

12:40PM IL: Av Beis Din Rav Avraham Dov Levine announced on Tuesday morning that the arbitration agreement signed with Yoav Lalum is null and void, explaining that the rabbonim shlita unfortunately fell prey to Yoav Lalum, and they are now aware the beis din was manipulated by him to advance his agenda and to satisfy his needs regarding the media.

On Sunday, YWN-ISRAEL reported that Lalum signed an arbitration agreement with the Yerushalayim Beis Din, giving the beis din total authority to adjudicate matters. Lalum’s responsibilities included withdrawing all High Court petitions within three hours of signing the document. On Monday at 11:00am, the beis din came to the realization that Lalum has no intentions of doing any such thing, but he abused the beis din by taking cynical advantage of it, using the arbitration agreement to feed the media.

According to R’ Yossi Deutsch, Lalum is simply a “liar and he cannot be trusted”. Deutsch explains that Lalum is a family man and has to support his children, questioning why no one seems to ponder just where he receives the funding to continue living and filing High Court petitions, not to mention the funds required for the attorneys and courtroom proceedings.

The Emanuel parents explain Deutsch received funding from Gedolei Yisrael Shlita, but Lalum, “despite his denials, receives funds from non-kosher sources, including the New Israel Fund”.

The beis din today (Monday, June 21, 2010) released a sharply-worded letter condemning Lalum, canceling a planned session of the rabbinical court set for today. Deutsch told Kol Chareidi that “Lalum simply has no regard for halacha or for the rabbonim. The beis din now understands that Lalum is not a man of his word, and he manipulated the beis din to advance his agenda”.

Deutsch clarified that it should be realized that Slonimer Chassidus did not sign the arbitration, at least not an official representative of the chassidus, but it was signed by others including a fund connected to the Emanuel parents. He stresses that the Emanuel parents also did not sign the arbitration agreement as Lalum reports.

In its statement released today, the beis din also clarifies that any and all statements released by Lalum directly or indirectly that the beis din supports the High Court of Justice decisions regarding Emanuel in anyway are simply an outright lie, and the beis din states emphatically that only the Rabbonim Shlita has the authority to make decisions pertaining to the chinuch of the children.

Speaking to Israel Radio following the beis din’s announcement, Lalum stated the following:
I did not violate any agreement. We (Noar K’halacha) agreed that we would sign along with the Emanuel parents. Yesterday, a man presenting himself as a legitimate representative of the parents said he would sign, but I have learned since that none of the Emanuel parents have signed as promised. A rabbinical advocate by the name Yossi Laufer signed the arbitration agreement, but without the signatures of the parents the proceedings of the beis din have no legal authority.

I remain in contact with the beis din. In addition, Moreinu Rav Yaakov Yosef Shlita has just written and sent a letter to the beis din. We remain in contact with the beis din. There are ‘elements’ who are not telling the beis din the truth.

ISRAEL RADIO: What about threats? We understand that both you and Rav Yosef have been receiving threats over recent days.

LALUM: Maran Rav Yaakov Yosef has been and continues to be our posek and we will continue adhering to his words. The threats continue as usually and G-d willing we will be okay.

ISRAEL RADIO: Are you afraid?

LALUM: To say no would be a lie but G-d willing things will be okay. There is another small problem here and please understand, it is the parents who are refusing to sign. Without their signatures the entire process with the beis din lacks any binding legal value.

ISRAEL RADIO: It appears we reached an impasse.

LALUM: We are searching for a solution but there are those who simply continuing to sabotage the process and have attempted every political trick possible during the entire process.

ISRAEL RADIO: The beis din rejects any and all statements released by Lalum seeking to intimate that the decisions of the High Court of Justice are in any way in line with Torah Law and this is not so. The secular court’s rulings are in no way in line with daas Torah. (Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Everybody knows this liar is receiving money from the new israel fund which also gives money to the arabs and for jews to meet arabs. Show me who you walk with and I will show you who you are. The Rasha does not live in Emmanuelle. He says he is afraid [of man] but Hashem he is not.

  2. Lallum Did Not Keep His Word to the Beth Din. The Beth Din Responds:

    English Translation:

    Beith Din Tsedek
    28 Chaiey Adam Street

    Founded in the year 1978 by HaGaon Rav Levin zt”l

    Ninth of Tammuz 5770 (June 21 2010)
    File number 1590

    Slonim of Emanuel et al (side A) vs. Yoav Lallum et al (side B)


    As of now, the Beth Din has not received any notice stating that Mr. Lallum notified the Supreme Court on his alleged withdrawal of his suit against side A. This, despite the decision of the Beth Din yesterday afternoon that he is obligated to do so immediately, within three hours.

    The decision of the Beth Din yesterday –that beginning this year there should be no divisions in the Chinuch Atzmai Emanuel School unless ordered by the Beth Din – has been spread to the media as if “the Beth Din supports the ruling of the Supreme Court …that the school was divided racially” This has created an awful desecration of the Holy Name, and goes against all the Gedolei Yisrael that came out against this Supreme Court ruling.

    Decision and Clarification

    First it shall be clarified, that after Mr. Lallum signed on the letter from the Beth Din, the Beth Din agreed to enter into this issue in order to save the women from imprisonment, and also to free the men, as long as Mr. Lallum would remove the case from the Supreme Court.

    B. It has become clear that Mr. Lallum broke the order of the Beth Din from the fourth of Tammuz (June 16 2010), in requesting of the Supreme Court to judge the Chinuch Atzmai for contempt of court, to remove from it funds and to remove license from the Emanuel parents to make a private school.

    C. Mr. Lallum has not complied with the Beth Din’s order yesterday to withdraw his suit from the Supreme Court, and this nullifies the decision of the Beth Din…thus the Beth Din views this as contempt of the Beth Din, and any case that was appointed between the sides is null and void.
    D. ….Turning to a secular court is without any approval of the Beth Din, and is akin to brazen rebellion against the Torah of Moses.

    E. The Beth Din clarifies that its order yesterday was not intended against side A concerning the division that was done in the school in Emanuel, in so far as no parent in Emanuel ever came to protest against this division of levels of education in the school.

    F. The interpretation that was given to the media concerning yesterday’s Beth Din decision as if it supports the Supreme Court ruling is against Da’as Torah. Any portrayal as if the Beth Din determined that there was discrimination, is null and void. This is a completely, wickedly twisted message that was given to the media. The decision of the Beth Din – as all of the Gedolei Yisrael – was and remains, that every decision in the management of schools shall only be according to Da’as Torah of the Gedolei Yisrael. It is Da’as Torah which decides, and none other.

    Mr. Lallum had intended to sue Chinuch Atzmai schools, and not necessarily the parents and others in Emanuel, thus the restraint order was not against side A.


    HaRav Avraham David Levin, Av Beth Din
    HaRav Mordechai Eichler
    HaRav David Yehoshua Kenig

    With the Seal of the Beth Din Tsedek, Chayey Adam Street, Jerusalem

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