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Survivor Of Minibus/Train Crash Informed Of Deaths Of Family

Three days after the horrific crash in Kiryat Gat, when a train collided with a minibus, one of the survivors, Dovid Tzvi Gutstein, has been informed of the deaths’ of his wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and three of his late wife’s siblings.

Bichadrei Chadarim reported that Rav Chanania Chulak broke the tragic news to him. Rav Chulak is the chairman of Ezer Mitzion – an organization that Dovid Tzvi volunteers for. Rav Chulak spent nearly half an hour in Dovid Tzvi’s room, and reported that Dovid Tzvi accepted the calamitous tidings with firm emunah. “We’re dealing with a most sensitive and painful subject. We are hoping for and anticipating Dovid Tzvi’s full recovery, with Hashem’s help. We must support him and his family. He asked what happened, he was given the answer. The forthcoming period of time will not be easy for him. An extreme amount of sensitivity had to be used when he was given the news.”

Ephraim Berstien, Dovid Tzvi’s brother-in-law said: “From what I understand, Dovid Tzvi accepted the news more easily than we anticipated. We’ve been trying not to overburden him with visits since he found out what happened.”

(Feivel Katz – YWN Israel)

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  1. I must say that were were extremely shaken by the story. Our house was very subdued on Friday. My neighbor made an agreement with me not to talk about it on Shabbos. However, I found Kiddush Friday night somewhat difficult as my mind wandered and I envisioned an empty table somewhere in Yerushalayim where the whole family was gone. Often we hear stories about mothers and fathers taken back to Hashem early and we think of a bereaved family sitting around a Shabbos table with a central seat vacant. But the thought of a whole table vacant that would never be filled again until T’chiyas HaMeisim was more troubling.

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