TEHILLIM – Yeshiva Bochur Critical Following Skiing Accident [UPDATED]


Please be Mispallel for a 22-year old Yeshiva Bochur who is in critical condition Sunday night after being involved in a skiing accident in Vermont.

Sources tell YWN that the Bochur, a resident of Monsey, was on a trip to Vermont with friends, and fell R”L off a 30-foot cliff while skiing. He has bleeding on his brain, and suffered numerous fractures. He has been uncolsious since the time of his accident (approximately 3:30PM EST).

His name is Yitzchok Menachem ben Hadassa Blima.

UPDATE: YWN has been informed that he has Boruch Hashem opened his eyes, and is talking. He reportedly has a skull fracture, a punctured lung, and other fractures.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. As his Uncle, I will tell you that; 1) He has still not opened his eyes or spoken to as of yet. 2) He is Not being moved anywhere yet. He is still in New hamhsire.

    Please continue to daven for him!

  2. You are obviously not such a good uncle because I know that the facts are that he was transfeered from new hampshire a while ago. and that he is awake and responding B”H!

  3. I’m sorry that you feel the need to insult someone when you are ignorant of the facts. As of noon Tuesday afternoon, he is still in his sedated state in the hospital in New Hampshire. He is still in need of everyone’s teffilos.

  4. ok i was just informed from someone who is at his bedside that b”h he has regained consious, but stil has a long way to go. so please keep davening