Bloomberg: Cuts Coming To NYPD Ranks


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Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that tough economic times mean the city will have to reduce the size of its police force.

The mayor said in a radio appearance Friday that under the new state budget, New York City can’t afford the size of its police force.

Bloomberg has asked city agencies to suggest cuts of between 2 and 4 percent. He still hasn’t detailed which ones will make it into the budget.

Bloomberg also said the city must reduce its Fire Department. Twenty fire companies are slated to close in his proposed budget.

And he said the number of teacher job reductions — currently planned for more than 6,000 — is still on the table.

The mayor and City Council must agree on a budget by the end of June.

(Source: MyFoxNY)


  1. Why is it that the Mayor always reduces the services that are important to the citizens, while keeping the people who are iomportant to him personally?