Gas Prices Continue To Rise Across Tri-State


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Drivers across the the Tri-State Area are wincing Monday at prices at the gas pump.

The statewide average in New York, according to AAA, was $3.93 a gallon for regular. In Connecticut, prices rose by a penny to $3.94. In New Jersey, prices were a comparatively cheap $3.58.

One station in the Big Apple increased prices by 10 cents overnight.

In just the past few weeks, gas prices have shot up by 12 cents a gallon in New Jersey. The price jump isn’t just in our are: Oklahoma residents saw their prices jump a whopping 23 cents.

The national average reached $3.76 a gallon, 17 cents lower than New York City prices.

Some attribute the soaring gas prices on the problems in Libya. Rebellion there impacted oil fields, putting a stop to the country’s daily exports of 1.5 million barrels of crude, and leading oil speculators to push up the price.

Simultaneously, refineries in the U.S. were switching to their summer blend, which also increases the cost.

Experts said the average cost of gas could exceed 2008′s all-time record of $4.11 a gallon.

(Source: WCBSTV)


  1. The will continue to rise to before the election. This is an Obama manipulation. He is cunning, scheming, self-centered liar and manipulator of the first order.

  2. I have yet to meet anyone in the world who has been able to predict with accuracy what commodity prices will do in the future.

    I do remember in mid 08 that as oil got higher everyone upped their estimates and when it crashed in late 08 and 09 people predicted it would go even lower than ~35 a barrel it settled at.

  3. #3,

    How will you “save” money when the current price of oil won’t cover the costs of drilling in most of the remaining potential US oil fields? Only if the price increases substantially more, and stays there, will we get significantly more domestic production.

  4. 5.

    DUH!! We drill our own oil. We refine it and we use it. We don’t need despised foreign oil because we have it here.

    Only a nation run by lunatics like you leftist folks won’t allow its citizens to use their country’ OWN natural resources.

  5. Charlie: Facts? getting oil from shale is economically viable at $70 a barrel, right now oil is about 110 (I know there are serious environmental issues involved but that is not the point of discussion here). would you care to elaborate?

  6. I’m just amazed at how little coverage this is getting in the MSM. Ya think Bush would have gotten the same pass? He was smeared and raked over the coals when we had the last gas crisis but this neophyte-in-chief can do no wrong. This country is on such a downward spiral and besides a few “nut cases” (as the media calls them)from Fox News you’d think we were living in paradise.