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Nearly 700 Same-Gender Couples Tie Knot In NYC; Bloomberg Couldn’t Be Prouder

On the first day of the marriage equality law, New York City wed a record 659 couples. 484 were married by State Court Judges who volunteered their time to be part of the event. New York is the sixth and largest state in the nation to legalize same gender marriages. Clerk’s offices in all five boroughs were open for a full day, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

“Today was a historic day in our City, and we couldn’t be prouder that on the first day that everyone in New York City could have their love affirmed in the eyes of the law, we were able to serve everyone,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “I want to thank all of the city workers and volunteers who made this success possible.”

The Mayor brought together two-long time City Hall staffers at Gracie Mansion late Sunday evening. Jonathan Mintz, the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Affairs and John Feinblatt, the Mayor’s top policy adviser married with their two daughters and family present.

Of the 659 marriage licenses issued citywide, 511 couples had at least one spouse from New York City. Below is a breakdown of the licenses issued by borough:

365 in Manhattan 121 in Brooklyn 89 in Queens 42 in the Bronx 41 on Staten Island

Many people came from out-of-state to tie the knot in the Big Apple. The following states were represented: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

(Source: WPIX)

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  1. Bloomberg as a jew you are a shanda to the jewish nation who holds on tightly to the laws given to us by G-D. You however have obviously strayed from this beautiful path and stooped so low to pour G-D’s wrath against you. You are dispicable to humanity, you have redefined the very existance of moral life to emptiness. Soon, very soon the day will come when you will cry and regret your acts of immorality and you will find yourself alone in the deep end.

  2. will someone please explain to me WHY IN THE WORLD is this on yeshiva world?? we all knew it was happening, but it doesn’t have to be reported down to every last detailed statistic!!

    and ‘mintz’ and ‘feinblatt’?? nebach….

  3. Maybe frum Jews in NYC should consider escaping Sedom rather than staying in a makom sakana. Being in the mountains until Labor Day is only a temporary solution…

  4. Please remove this. This has no place in Yeshiva World. It even includes the Chillul Hashem of 2 “JEWS” in a Toeva situation

  5. Why is this development featured, but there is nothing on the news page about the killings in Norway? The world is blaming the Jews for that, too, so it’s just as shayich to this site as this story.

  6. 6, You are not reading the site like you should. Norway IS mentioned many times on YWN. In fact, perhaps Norway got a potch because of the Oslo “Accords?”

  7. Secular, civil marriage. Who cares? I mean…why don’t you guys get at least a little bit as upset over Jews having secular circumcisions? As in the lady doth protest too much, nothing gets you folk a fraction as riled up as issue of the bedroom…not secularization…intermarriage…lapses in ethics…nothing. Boring after a while

  8. I guess the only people happier than Bloomberg and couples getting married are those in “wedding” affiliated businesses such as caterers, jewelers, etc. Weddings are big business. I know when the this became law in Canada, business was booming with Americans – particularly in the Niagara Falls area. The tourism office was very happy.

  9. What should be mentioned on YW is that the clerks who worked yesterday (sunday) to perform these ‘marriages’, cost us NYC taxpayers $70,000 to pay their salaries, which was probably time and a half to add insult to injury

  10. It is obvious to me that YonasonW doesn’t know ANYTHING about why sedom was destroyed. I truly believe aside for being a hard core leftist, he is also an am ha’oretz.

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