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NYC Files Formal Challenge To 2010 Census

The city has decided to formally challenge the results of the 2010 Census, saying federal aid to New York hangs in the balance.

In a letter to the United States Census Bureau, Mayor Michael Bloomberg says large numbers of housing units were mistakenly classified as vacant by census offices in Brooklyn and Queens.

Bloomberg says the city’s population could rise by tens of thousands if errors by those two offices were corrected.

The mayor says adjustments by the Census bureau would then help the city get the proper federal funding it deserves.

In a statement, Senator Charles Schumer called the census “poorly conducted” and said, in part, “To say there are abandoned buildings in growing, bustling neighborhoods is on its face absurd. The City is right to file this challenge.”

(Source: NY1)

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  1. A close relative of mine worked for the census and I got to hear about all the waste of time the census had to go thru. For example, when they went to an address that didnt exist, they had to go back at least 2 more time to “make sure” it didnt exist and then the supervisor had to go as well, as if the building would appear.

    The whole thing was manure and a way for the dems to get more voters.

  2. As a public service, perhaps multi-billionaire philanthropist Mayor Bloomberg should consider underwriting the cost of an alternative census? It would be very interesting to compare the results of two potentially disparate censuses (or censi?)

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